"the technology in the industry is changing so rapidly that I see lots of room for job enhancent regardless of promotions I'm particularly interested in the many applications for multidia as a training tool." Where do want to be in five years? Don't give specic ti fras or job titles Talk about what enjoy skills that are natural to realistic problems or opportunities 'd expect in r chosen field or industry what hope to learn from those experiences shouldn't discuss r goals in a fields or industry unrelated to the job 're applying for This may sound obvious but too many cis make this mistake unwittingly demonstrating a real lack of interest in their current field or industry Needless to say such a gaffe will imdiately eliminate from further consideration. The Halaf culture of northern sopotamia was characterized by colorfully glazed pottery that is completely dferent from Ubaid pottery so I don't know anyone who thinks that it was a predecessor other than chronologically to the southern Ubaid culture The Surians either called themselves the 'civilized children' or the 'black-headed people' sag-gi6(-ga): black-headed people; Surians ('head' + 'black' + nominative; cf dumu-gir15/gi7 ki-en-gi(-r); ki-en-gir15/gi7(-r)) un sag-gi6: black-headed people = Surians ('people' + 'heads' + 'black') dumu-gir15/gi7: freeborn man Surian [in contrast to slaves from foreign countries] ('child' + 'native group') It seems like originally it may have been sang-gi7 but consonant harmony changed gi7 to ngi6 thereby changing the aning from 'civilized native group' to 'black'. Return to list 66 Dilmun Lemuria Sur Use JOIN when have multiple tables/views from the sa data source to be used in the dashboard This happens at the source level Use BLEND when have multiple tables/views from dferent data sources to be used in the dashboard This happens locally 59 What is a Dinsion? Tableau treats any field containing qualitative categorical information as a dinsion This includes any field with text or s values. 26 Importance of Surian Invention of Cuneorm Writing Incrental refresh Full refresh are the classications of scheduling Incrental refresh will refresh only the incrental records of data during refresh in scheduling whereas the full refresh will refresh the full data during refresh in scheduling. Sets Are custom fields that define a subset of data based on so conditions A set can be based on a computed condition for example a set may contain custors with sales over a certain threshold Computed sets up as r data changes Alternatively a set can be based on a specic data point in. "initially I was completely overwheld by the introductory chemistry course that I took last year No matter how hard I studied I seed to be getting nowhere I failed the first three quizzes So I tried a new approach Instead of just studying by myself I asked a friend who's a chemistry major to help with my studies I also began to seek help from the professor after class I found that more ti I spent in the lab was critical I ended up with a B-plus in the course thought I achieved a solid understing of the material More than that I learned that tackling a new field of study sotis requires a new approach not just hard work that the help of others can be crucial! Why didn't participate more in extracurricular activities? With Hyper transactions analytical queries are processed on the sa column store with no post-processing needed after data ingestion This reduces stale data minimizes the connection gap between specialized systems Hyper’s unique approach allows a true combination of read- write-heavy workloads in a single system This ans can have fast extract creation without sacricing fast query performance 109 What are the performance benefits of Hyper? Starting in 10.5 Hyper technology integrates with Tableau Data Engine to give the following key benefits: I originally intended to docunt my own Tableau interview experience (being a contractor I attend 10X more interviews than an employee ) But the terric Linkedin post response brought a new responsibility to et r expectations so I started beefing up the content. Consider the following scenario: 're working late one evening are the last person in the office answer an urgent telephone call to r supervisor from a sales rep who's currently eting with a potential client The sales rep needs an answer to a question to close the sale Tomorrow will be too late have the expertise to answer the question but it's beyond r normal level of authority How do respond? This response shows that the ci is confident in his or her ability can be counted on in an ergency Similarly r answer should indicate that 're not afraid to be the decision maker in a tough situation even the situation's beyond r normal level of authority. The interviewer is looking for soone who can work in an environnt without the environnt disrupting the ci's preferred way of getting work done Be honest but communicate that 're a flexible reasonably adaptable employee "I need so privacy ti for planning but otherwise I like the activity noise of people around the ability to share ideas I think most writers need reinforcent because we all get writer's block occasionally." Tell about an effective manager supervisor or other person in a leading role 've known Talk about a supervisor's managent style interpersonal skills Focus on the positive-how the person worked rather than what type of work he or she did How was the person able to accomplish so much get r support? This is not the ti to beco extrely self-centered arrogant Keep in mind that employers are often looking for team players rather than Lone Rangers A good response to this question may relate to a ntor/ or philosophy of work or the people work with Also use this question as an opportunity to inquire about an appropriate "fit for success" with this company For example,

Return to list 38 Surian Speech from Buffy the Vampire Slayer A bullet graph is a variation of a bar graph developed to replace dashboard gauges ters A bullet graph is useful for comparing the performance of a primary asure to one or more other asures It shows a distribution showing progress towards a goal behind. Got on an elevator where everyone was facing the back what do? Interviews in creative fields like advertising graphic design are dferent from other types of job interviews Advertising recruiters tend to have a dferent interview style process usually conducting more of a behavioral interview Recruiters ask like these to figure out what r behavior might be in a particular real-le situation "I think I'd face the front anyway say aloud 'It's really much more comfortable facing forward know.' " What's the most creative or innovative project 've worked on? Global Filter: Global Filter helps to share the sa filter using the sa source data across multiple (or) all worksheets within a workbook We can apply a global filter for all the worksheets using the sa data (or) It can be applied to only selected worksheets Example: Filter with Complex calculation in one worksheet can be applied to so other worksheet which using the sa source data to avoid repetitive work Context Filter: Context Filter helps to pass the criteria of the filter from one level to another related level. Site roles are permission sets that are assigned to a user such as System Administrator Publisher or Viewer The site roles define collections of capabilities (delete save view others) that can be granted to users or groups on Tableau Server General capabilities allowed with each. A parater like is a variable can then use that variable inside calculations to change the calculation filter by a calculated field essentially have a parater controlling a filter Paraters have almost the sa UI options as filters but they are single-valued so have options for radio buttons but not checkboxes There are also sliders drop downs Paraters are global so can affect calculations for all data sources connections in a workbook Read. Return to list 90 ama 'mother' a Semitic loan? >Is "ama" (mother) a loanword from Akkadian? (It sounds like >Semitic words that an "mother".) Actually it is well known among linguists that there is world-wide similarity of words for mother these are assud to stem from baby-talk so one cannot make any conclusions about language relatedness or borrowing from the words for mother Return to list 91 Creditors Debits Describe how r personality /or skills help round out the departnt What types of people enjoy working with for hours at a ti? How the company's custors or clients react? Assure the interviewer that there will be no surprises about r work personality "I enjoy an environnt in which people bounce ideas off each other have the flexibility to ask for help when they need it I'm usually a great troubleshooter for PC problems in my office I'm often going to ask for help proofreading important mos I believe in give--take." Whom did choose as r references why? Interviewers like to ask stress like these to see how well hold up under pressure r best bet is to stay calm relaxed; don't allow r confidence to be shaken "Well the first thing I'd do is ask there was any specic part of the interview that thought I might have mishled After that I'd think back try to rember there had been any faulty communication on my part Then I'd try to review possible problems I had understing r I'd ask for clarication I needed it Finally we had ti I'd try to respond more fully appropriately to the problem areas identied for " Tell about r most dficult work or personal experience. Here is a hy diagram created by Abela that can be used to determine the right chart type to use in r data visualization. Be careful that whichever answer choose it's consistent with the job 're interviewing for For example since accounting is a profession that requires discipline precision r answer should reflect r natural inclination toward agendas schedules precision However for a sales job 'd probably want to show that 're prepared to wing it This question is essentially about r job personality but is also about r compatibility with the job "My workday is very structured because I'm generally in four or five etings a day On the weekends I like to have a plan but not necessarily a set schedule That in itself is a relaxing change of pace for but I feel I'd be wasting ti with no plan at all." Tell about an interest that outgrew. Showcase r Portfolio Tableau/Data visualization is a visual subject Leverage Tableau public to create share r creative work with. "i regularly use scheduling software which helps effectively plan for the day week month or year It also has a to-do-list feature an alarm option which is helpful for eting tily deadlines In general though I'm very goal oriented self-disciplined I like to focus clearly on one project at a ti for a set amount of hours In the past I've found that this has helped save ti which in turn has given the opportunity to implent new procedures that have ultimately saved the departnt ti money." be willing to locate to another city? Describe r first encounter or a recent encounter with the company or its products services What be particularly motivating to about working there as opposed to working the sa type of job in a dferent company? The recruiter will look for evidence of genuine interest more than just surface research on the company Reciting the annual report isn't likely to impress most recruiters but feedback from custors employees will. Return to list 76 Surian Tenses? >saw the site--does surian have tenses so are they past present >future or sothing else Surian had two sets of verbal forms which the Akkadians called hamtu maru "quick sudden" "fat slow" Quoting from the Manual by John L Hayes "The dference in function between the two has been interpreted in various ways It has been argued that the dference was one of tense (past ~ present/future); one of aspect (perfect ~ imperfect); one of Aktionsart (punctual ~ durative so on) An explanation in terms of aspect seems to fit the evidence best they will be called aspects here." p 46 Return to list 77 Cuneorm Words? Although this example may seem trivial the ci demonstrates maturity an ability to approach work conceptually The interviewer will want to know that underst that just getting the job done isn't enough r response should show resourcefulness initiative "At my last internship my supervisor an account executive asked to assemble five hundred press kits for a mailing I wasn't sure in what order the pages press releases should go but my supervisor had already left for a client eting Afraid of putting the information together in the wrong order I managed to track down her cell phone number called her in her car She explained the order of the materials over the phone in the end I managed to prevent a mistake that have cost hours of work a delay in the mailing-not to ntion a few headaches." Avoid the temptation to suggest job titles; this makes seem unbending unrealistic since don't know how long it might have taken r interviewer to reach certain levels n't want to insult Describe new experiences or responsibilities 'd like to add that build on the job 're applying for "Over the next few years I'd like to have progressed to the point there I have bottom-line budget responsibility I'm also in charge of a production unit where I have labor-relations quality-control design manufacturing responsibilities I believe this job will go a long way to helping et my career goals." Since this will be r first job how do know 'll like the career path? The interviewer is looking here for a history of commitnt over ti consistency of interests Do sustain r hobbies over a period of ti or do have a dferent hobby every year? Are r interests compatible with the job 're applying for? they be of value in any way to the company? "I've been involved in Cancer Society fundraising ever since my grmother died from the disease In the back of my mind I guess I'm hoping the research can lead to findings in ti to save the le of soone else in my family." What do enjoy in r spare ti? The interviewer wants evidence that 're well rounded not just one-dinsional He or she is looking for shared interests or common ground should always in so way relate r answer to the job description. Return to list 85 Which Style of Cuneorm. Tell. New! CONTROVERSIAL Software Exploits $12.3 MILLION LOOPHOLE & Makes Us $519/DAY… can use the Software to build r own Profiteering Website in under 5 Minutes Watch the DEMO on this private page == >> /Five_Minute_Profit_Sites In this type of diagram each bar represents a certain task within the frawork of the project in question The ends of the bar st for the task’s start finish ti the length reflects duration The Gantt Chart’s vertical axis is a. Data visualization is the process of displaying data in graphical charts so that businesses can find insights quickly easily to make better decisions for good outcos 3 Why did choose data visualization? Data Visualization helps us solve business problems faster or better They bring so new insights which often have a monetary value associated with it Visualization often enables problems with the data to beco imdiately apparent. What is r biggest weakness? This is a great example of what is known as a negative question Negative are a favorite among interviewers because they're effective for uncovering problems or weaknesses The key to answering negative is to give them a positive spin For this particular question r best bet is to admit to a weakness that isn't catastrophic inconsistent or currently disruptive to r chosen professional field to emphasize how 've overco or minimized the problem Whatever do don't answer this question with a copout like "I can't think of any," or even worse "I don't really have any major weaknesses." This kind of a response is likely to eliminate from contention. Table Calculations are computations that are applied to the values in the entire table are often dependent on the table structure itself For example in a sales environnt can use table calculations to compute the running total of sales across a specied range or to compute each product’s contribution to the total sales in a quarter Top 10 table calculations here Unlike traditional approaches to tadata managent the Tableau Data Server is a key component that allows IT administrators to enable monitoring ta data managent control for IT while enabling self-service analytics for business users It lets centrally manage store Tableau data sources provides end users with secure access to trusted data in a self-service analytics deploynt. How react when others lose their temper or beco upset is very important in most positions especially those in service industries The interviewer will be looking for evidence of r aptitude for work that involves a great deal of contact with the public Give an example of a ti when were faced with a dficult person how hled it r answer should illustrate r maturity diplomacy awareness of the needs feelings of others. There is an opportunity think out of the box Do a thorough analysis on the company their products or services their challenges google about the company may find so news or so dia ntion about them or may know a friend who works/worked for that company or a quick search on Linkedin shows employees working at that company connect to them with a custom request explaining r situation request them for so information. One of the fundantal characteristics of Tableau is that it supports r choice of data architecture Tableau does not require r data to be stored in any single system proprietary or otherwise Most organizations have a heterogeneous data environnt: data warehouses live alongside databases whether on-premise or in the cloud Cubes flat files like Excel are still very much in use Tableau can work with all of these simultaneously. Read more. Return to list 87 What Did the Surians Call Themselves? Surian Predecessors? >I've been reading The Surians: Their History Culture Character >by Samuel Noah Krar he ntions on page 40 that the nas for >the cities the two rivers (rivers: idiglat buranun - cities: Eridu Ur >Larsa Isin Adab Kullab Lagash Nippur Kish) are not Surian words >I've read that remnants of a Ubaid civilization have been found below the >Surians that it is thought a Halef (not sure I got the spelling right >on that one) civilization may have pred the Ubaid one So then is it known >whether the city river nas are possibly Ubaid or Halef in origin? Like I know >that where I grew up that many nas ca from the Native Arican tribes that >lived in the area not English Tableau Public can only connect to few data sources like Microsoft Excel Microsoft Access multiple text file formats It has a limit of 1,000,000 rows of data that is allowed in any single file 54 Explain the dference between Tableau Workbook Story Dashboard Worksheets? Workbooks sheets: Tableau uses a workbook sheet file structure much like Microsoft Excel. Return to list 34 Zechariah Sitchin Extraterrestrials >I am attempting to find an expert in the Surian language who can >very or debunk Zechariah Sitchin's claims of Surian translation As >far as I can tell no one with a scholarly reputable background has >ever veried or denied his claims >His eight books on the subject of the Annunaki have gone unchallenged >for years are unfamiliar with his works it is his contention >that surian texts very that the human race was genetically altered >to service a superior extraterrestrial race called the annunaki >Can very or refute these claims? >Thank for r attention to this matter I am very familiar with the Surian language culture There is nothing extraterrestrial about it Return. "well I've been pretty fortunate as far as managers go I didn't have any problems with my professors In my first job out of college I worked with a manager who was pretty inaccessible walked into his office to ask a question got the sense that were bothering him so we just learned to get help from each other instead I n't say he was my least-favorite manager because he was a good manager in a lot of ways but I have preferred that he'd made himself more available to us given us more direction." Who's the toughest employer 've ever had why? Again should avoid making negative statents about r previous employers at all costs Turn the question around with a positive upbeat response as this. A bar chart visualizes data as a set of rectangular bars their lengths being proportional to the values they represent The horizontal axis shows the values the vertical axis shows the categories they belong to So the bar chart is a vertical version of the column chart In multi-series bar charts values are grouped by categories They are also preferred when the category nas are long or also to show ranking. The Gateway routes requests to other components Requests that co in from the client first hit an external load balancer one is configured or the gateway are routed to the appropriate process In the absence of an external load balancer multiple processes are configured for any component the Gateway will act as a load balancer distribute the requests to the processes 98 Clients: Web Browsers Mobile Apps Tableau Server provides interactive dashboards to users via zero-footprint HTML5 in a web or mobile browser or natively via a mobile app. 1 Hebrew Surian >Is Hebrew a daughter language of Surian? No Hebrew belongs to the Afro-Asiatic language family Surian is a dferent language family >How dferent are the following languages Akkadian Phoenician Egyptian >It is believed that Jesus (on the cross) said Eli eli lama shabatani ( I >think this to be Aramaic) in Hebrew it be Eli Eli lama azaftani >consequently could I assu that Hebrew is a branch of Aramaic.? The languages ntioned are all sister languages spoken simultaneously in dferent places Egyptian is related to Semitic languages such as Akkadian Aramaic Hebrew Phoenician Return to list 2 Permission to Use Cuneorm Writing Sample Hello Vizards I’m Sateesh Kumar a Tableau Consultant living in Sydney Australia can connect on Linkedin I’ve started my career in 2006 as a SAP Business Objects intern worked up my way to Tableau Architect I share my Data visualization/Storytelling Tableau knowledge at Vizard I wrote this Tableau Interview guide based on my personal experience. A filter acts directly on a dinsion or asure restricts the domain of the field For example to only show Calornia or New York in a State dinsion or only show Sales between $100 $200 There are a lot of options for filters can include or exclude mbers of a dinsion use a wildcard for the mber na choose the top N given another asure or use a condition (true/false) to choose what is in what. Postscript added Janu CDL Press has just announced the publication of: Herologies of Assyrian Babylonian Scholars by Alasdair Livingstone Price:$90; pp 290; ISBN 9781934309520 Within Babylonian literature there is a widespread but specialized group of texts that deals with the days of the months one by one the herologies with the months of the year the nologies Return to list 71 Yet Another Translation into Surian Essentially this type of chart is a data table with rows lines denoted by dferent sets of categories Each table cell can contain a nurical or logical value that determines the cell color based on a given color palette Heat maps are convenient data visualization for comparing categories using color to emphasize relationships between data values that be much harder to underst in a simple table with numbers. "i try to get out for lunch at least once during the week to clear my head I also have a personal rule that stops from reacting to a problem until I feel calm about it I think then act-but I've learned to do that over ti." How do regroup when things haven't gone as planned? Describe a ti when so obstacle forced to change r original plan but were still able to achieve the desired result Did rally the support of others to make this happen? With hindsight how might have better predicted the obstacle? "my custor service position at the telephone company involved dealing occasionally with irate custors When that happened I'd try to talk in a calm even voice in order to get the person to respond in a businesslike manner focus on trying to resolve the situation Most tis I was able to recty the problem pacy the custor but I rember one incident in particular in which the caller beca verbally abusive I tried to remain calm professional not to let my personal feelings enter into the situation I didn't respond to the abuse I just made a not of it continued to help he custor as best I could When the abuse persisted however I politely asked him to call back ask for my manager because at that point I knew I shouldn't resolve the problem." How do manage r work week make realistic deadlines? 47 Dferent Dialects? - Text Partially in Surian This is best explained by Tom Brown Ama Patist. "service is a major contributor to custor satisfaction Just as important as or maybe even more important than cost a custor isn't receiving a level of service that ets or exceeds his or her expectations that custor won't be a custor for very long In addition that custor's experience with r company may affect how potential custors in the marketplace view r company People do talk share information This may affect not only profits but future sales as well In many instances service may be the one thing that distinguishes a company from the competition A bad reputation for service may compromise a company's position in the marketplace." Tell about a ti when had to deal with an irate custor How did hle the situation? When connect to a data source Tableau automatically separates fields into hierarchies so can easily break down the view by year quarter month etc We can observe a plus symbol adjacent to the field those are part of the hierarchy 41 What is an Analytics Pane? The Analytics pane provides quick easy access to common analytic objects in Tableau can drag reference lines forecasts trend lines other objects into r view from the Analytics pane which appears on the left side of the workspace. A column chart visualizes data as a set of rectangular columns their lengths being proportional to the values they represent The vertical axis shows the values the horizontal axis shows the categories they belong to In multi-series column charts values are grouped by categories. "i start by trying to imagine the worst possible outco; then I back up identy precautions I can take to avoid that scenario In this way I usually end up with a result close to the original goal The training example I described earlier is proof of that skill." Why is service such an important issue? The interviewer is trying to determine the ci understs the importance of custor service in establishing a positive image in the marketplace its impact on new business sales Outsting custor service is also a great help in establishing long-term clients repeat business-the profitable company's bread butter The longer the relationship the greater the possibility for profit. Use the Filter Actions filter to show related information between a source sheet one or more target sheets This type of action works well when are building guided analytical paths through a workbook or in dashboards that filter from a master sheet to show more details 63 What are so of the new features of Tableau 10.5 version? Here are so of the new features in Tableau 10.5 Source Workbook: Workbooks use the default permissions from their project Unless permissions are locked the publisher of the dashboard has final control over who sees their data when it is published Data Source: Similar to Workbooks Data Source permissions can be determined by either the Publisher publishing to an unlocked project or by the project permissions publishing a data source to a locked project. A tree map is a visualization that displays hierarchically organized data as a set of nested rectangles parent elents being tiled with their child elents The sizes colors of rectangles are proportional to the values of the data points they represent. When answering this question describe a ti-managent technique 've applied to work that's allowed to save ti resources In such areas as public relations ti is precious the interviewer will want to see that have an idea of how valuable r ti is Try to give an example that demonstrates how 've managed to increase productivity because of effective ti managent. This response sets a nice tone for starting the interview The interviewee is able to say a lot within 60 seconds by staying focused The ssage is clear: the interviewee has both passion focus relating to the position He stays on ssage concludes by leaving the door open for additional about his education experience Unfortunately so cis get off on the wrong foot by rambling on for several minutes about their childhood family hobbies travels interests Repeat Key Accomplishnt Statents Throughout the interview will be asked nurous about r attitude ability to do the job Whenever possible talk about r accomplishnts in terms of what did the results of r actions for employers Give examples of r effectiveness which should include specic skills statistics.

Return to list 40 Who Were the Surians? >Is it possible that could give more details concerning the Surians? Who >are they? Where did they co from? >I must admit that I have never heard of this race I am eager to learn more There are so excellent books out there My favorite introduction is by Samuel Noah Krar called History Begins at Sur: Thirty-Nine Firsts in Man's Recorded History Return to list 41 Annotated Version of Lexicon? Here are so limitations in Tableau. Choropleth Map displays divided geographical areas or regions that are colored shaded or patterned in relation to a data variable This provides a way to visualize values over a geographical area which can show variation or patterns across the displayed location. Be sure that the achievent describe here is relevant to the job 're interviewing for Also be careful that r answer doesn't sound as the best is behind ntion sothing great that 've achieved but clearly communicate r belief that the best is yet to co "I'm proud of the fact that I graduated on ti with a solid GPA while I played varsity basketball for four years A lot of won on my team either took a reduced course load or let their grades suffer I believe the reason I got through it all was sheer determination; I never even let myself visualize anything but finishing on ti with good grades So I firmly believe as a professional counselor in the importance of a positive outlook." Tell about sothing accomplished that required discipline. When the data is distributed on the plot the results show the correlation to be positive negative or nonexistent Adding a trend line will help show the correlation how statistically signicant the correlation is Example: With trend lines can answer such as whether profit is predicted by sales or whether average delays at an airport are signicantly correlated with the month of the year Read. Horizontal vertical containers are used to organize dferent visual components in a dashboard It’s easy to format keep visuals consistent within containers These containers create an area in the dashboard where objects automatically adjust their size position based on the other objects in the container. A asure is a field that is dependent on a value of one or more dinsions Tableau treats any field containing nuric (quantitative) information as a asure 61 What are the dferences between the blue pills the green pills in Tableau? or What is the dference between discrete continuous in Tableau? There are two types of data roles in Tableau – discrete continuous. The data connection information that describes what data want to bring in to Tableau for analysis When connect to the data in Tableau Desktop can create joins including joins between tables from dferent data types can rena fields on the Data Source page to be more descriptive for the people who work with r published data source An extract decide to create one Guidelines for when to create an extract are included below as well as in the additional resources Information about how to access or refresh the data The connection also includes access information. While I tried my level best to write accurate inadvertently I have missed or incorrectly answered a few Appreciate can email sk@ so I can correct them. From The Functional. Return to list 69 Symbols for sopotamian Gods? >I have been trying to find all the symbols for the dferent gods in >sopotamia I have only found one version of Anu I am not sure >it is correct Do know of anywhere I might be able to get this >information? I suggest the paperback book: Gods Demons Symbols of Ancient sopotamia by Black Green Return to list 70 Surian Babylonian. Publishing data sources to Tableau Online or Tableau Server is integral to maintaining a single source for r data Publishing also enables sharing data among colleagues; including those who don’t use Tableau Desktop but have permission to edit workbooks in the web editing environnt Ups to a published data source flow to all connected workbooks whether the workbooks themselves are published. Nested projects: can now nest projects within projects customize permissions at each level or choose to use a top-down permission structure Now it’s easier to organize r workbooks so everyone in r organization can find what they are looking for Power trend lines: Better underst power relationships between variables with drag drop power trend lines bringing light to r physics biology astronomy economic. Return to list 72 Permission to Use Tokens Picture > Hello John: > I like to use r picture of surian tokens for an article that I >am submitting to [snip] I am not getting any money for it >plan to put r copyright notice on the figure caption along with r >na Sound OK? The Louvre museum sold permission to use that photograph about 15 years ago I think that they retain the rights to it Return to list 73 How Did Writing Start? The interviewer will want to know about r belief in the products or services of the company Use personal experience to demonstrate r interests strengths In an interview for r ideal job 'd be highly motivated to get paid for working at sothing liked The interviewer will want to know r natural interests are compatible with its particular job "I've been fortunate in my own schooling; I had wonderful teachers I want to be that sa kind of teacher-who not only encourages kids to learn but also sets an example that inspires others to want to teach In the long run that's our best chance of turning around the quality of education in this state." Why should. Extracts are from on-premises or web data connector (WDC) data set up manage refresh schedules using Tableau Bridge Read. The first step towards exploring r data with Tableau is by looking at how the data is structured The more granular the data is the easier it is for us to work with visualize answer business the data is already aggregated we will be limited by the capability of visualization 31 What is marks card in Tableau? A card to the left of the view where can drag fields to control mark properties such as type color size shape label tooltip detail. "my strengths are interpersonal skills I can usually win people over to my point of view Also I have good judgnt about people an intuitive sense of their talents their ability to contribute to a given problem These skills seem to directly related to the job I notice that require three years' work experience for this job Although my resu shows I've only two years' experience it doesn't show that I took two evening college courses related to my field have been active in one of the professional societies I also try to gain knowledge by reading the industry's trade journals I'm certain that my combined knowledge skill level is the equivalent of that of other people who do have three years' of work experience I'm also currently enrolled in a ti-managent course; I can already see the effects of this course at work on my present job." Create a Performance Recording to record performance information about the main events interact with the workbook Users can view the performance trics in a workbook created by Tableau Help> Settings Performance> Start Performance Recording Help> Setting Performance > Stop Performance Recording Reviewing the Tableau Desktop Logs located at C:\Users\\My Docunts\My Tableau Repository For live connection to the data source can check files For an extract check file. All data sources that require authentication must have an embedded password so that the extract can be refreshed This includes data sources that are not extracts 108 What is Hyper? Hyper is a high-performance in-mory data engine technology that helps custors analyze large or complex data sets faster by efficiently evaluating analytical queries directly in the transactional database A core Tableau platform technology Hyper uses proprietary dynamic code generation cutting-edge parallelism techniques to achieve fast performance for extract creation query execution. Humans respond to process visual data better than any other type of data In fact the human brain processes image 60,000 tis faster than text 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual. "i tend to work well with people who are confident straightforward It's more dficult for to be around timid people because I move quickly am decisive." What things impress in colleagues? The recruiter will want to see how developed r interpersonal skills are More than likely 'll be interacting not only with r own departnt but with other people in the company possibly colleagues Show the recruiter that will shine in this area "I admire work best with people who are of good character have integrity I also think confidence enthusiasm is positive in any business environnt." How do organize plan for major projects? With tableau desktop can directly connect to data from multiple data sources: data warehouse flat files cloud application or web sources Tableau desktop brings all r data together into one single view It helps identy patterns opportunities ask to drive business profitability Tableau makes analyzing data making better decisions faster Tableau Server: Tableau Server lets centrally manage collaborate securely host the dashboards published from Tableau desktop It empowers the business with the freedom to explore data in a trusted environnt—without limiting them to pre-defined or. Level Of Detail Expressions supports aggregation at dinsionalities other than the view level With the level of detail expressions can attach one or more dinsions to an aggregate expression Unlike table calculations totals or reference lines level of detail expressions are computed in the data source On the plus side this lets avoid the overhead of bringing all the data from the database to r computer over the network With large data sources this can be a huge performance gain On the minus side this can cause Tableau to run more complicated queries (for example containing many joins) the underlying data source is slow performance can suffer. Return to list 80 History of Bookkeeping Surian Term "shubati" 3D charts– They skew the visual perception of the numbers making them dficult or impossible to interpret or compare It also introduces unnecessary chart elents like side floor panels which is not only a cognitive load on the brain but also inaccurate Pie charts – This is not being as accurate as bar charts or position-based visuals With pie we are judging areas angles which is much more dficult than the length in a bar chart Our eyes cannot ascribe quantitative values to areas angles properly. Sotis the format of r data makes it dficult to analyze in Tableau For example r data might include sub-tables hierarchical headers extraneous headers footers or blank rows columns The Data Interpreter draws out sub-tables removes so of that extraneous information to help prepare the data source for analysis Note: are prompted to use the Data Interpreter only Tableau detects sub-tables or extraneous information r connector supports it. R current boss describe as the kind of employee who goes the extra mile? Be ready to offer proof that persevere to see important projects through to achieve important results Share an example that demonstrates r dependability or willingness to tackle a tough project describe "long hours of work," make sure demonstrate that the hours were productive not just the result of poor ti managent "Absolutely In fact on my annual evaluations she writes that I'm the most dependable flexible person on her staff I think this is mostly because of my ability to juggle prioritize like an example?" Tell about a ti didn't perform to r capabilities. Not this there is always the next opportunity this is not the end of the world A job that truly love awaits Until then inspire from  are not alone Be positive Where do see rself five years from now? This open-ended question is one of the most dficult stressful ones job seekers face Employers ostensibly ask this question because they are looking for people who know what they want to do who are focused on specic professional goals lack goals will have dficulty answering this question Be sure arrive at the interview with a clear vision of what want to do today tomorrow five years from now Be consistent with the objective on r resu the skills accomplishnts 're communicating to the interviewer r answer should be employer-centered For example, So consistency or thread of commonality among r other prospects is important here r choices must reflect r career aspirations What common skills are clearly needed in all the jobs 're pursuing? "I've narrowed my job search to only those large securities firms within the finance industry The basic skills necessary with all of these firms are similar: strong quantitative analytical abilities the ability to make decisions quickly good interpersonal skills to react to a custor's needs." Tell about r salary expectations A well-prepared ci can effectively turn this question around Ask first for the company's salary range then answer in general terms based on r qualications in relation to the job requirents. In one sentence Interview is all about selling rself to convince the interviewer are worth hiring can bring value to the company I like to set the stage with this key thing I want to keep in mind during the interview (or later at work) What do clients look for in a Tableau interview or at. (Lú)Su-Si-Ig: knacker a year round collector of hides other parts of dead/dying animals who partly tanned the hides before bringing them into town for use in other crafts ('body' + 'to strike down; to silence'; cf sìg 'to strike hurt beat flatten remove divide'; Akkadian šušikku or šusikkum) Although 'knacker' is a word in English I had never heard it before I made an effort to attend classes in Surian at UCLA but I cannot say what other people want to do Return to list 97 Igigi Anunnaki? In all other cases extracts are preferred Extract files are a local copy of a subset or entire data source that can use to share data work offline improve database performance They can be scheduled to run at off-peak hours avoiding slow. Return to list 18 Surian Audio File? >Dear sirs navigating I ca about r pages in the net Actually what >I need to find is an audio file for surian ancient egyptian languages >are there any? >could give r advise Order the CMAA audio tape of the Joan Goodnick Westenholz lecture Enheduanna: Princess Priestess Poetess from in which the lecturer read quite a bit of Surian tape WAW99-2 in the Calornia Museum of Ancient Art audiotape catalog There is also a link at my links page of brief Surian possibly Egyptian greetings from the Voyager spacecraft record Return to list 19 "The Surian Problem" From Good Charts book Describe a forr interest or hobby that no longer pursue making sure that the interest isn't related in so way to the job 're interviewing for Talk about why outgrew the interest how it's not compatible with r current interests Be sure to discuss how r current interests are related to r career "Early on I wanted to be a research physician Then I spent ti in a chemistry lab realized I wasn't looking forward to the next two years of lab work That's why I've chosen marketing for dical equipnt instead It combines my respect for the dical profession with a job that's more suited to my personality." What do I told that I thought were giving a very poor interview today? Again turn this question around ask what's typical for the career path Then consider based on r skills performance the areas 'll excel in Leave it to the interviewer the appropriate ti fras for promotions Don't speculate or 'll risk sounding arrogant unrealistic or the opposite-too reserved or too tentative "My expectation for the next five years is that my contributions will be recognized appropriately rewarded I realize that salary levels are based on a number of factors including the company's profitability the general business cycle that affects our industry but I expect to take on greater responsibility each year to be appropriately compensated for my efforts contributions." Other than work tell about an activity 've remained interested in over several years. Return to list 101 Cuneorm for Love? >Good morning Mr Halloran can please help I am in search of the oldest written symbol for Love I thought it might be in Cuneorm Thank for r ti assistance The compound word ki ag2 ans 'to love' the compound word ki-ag2 ans 'beloved' but it is very unusual to find evidence for a noun that ans 'love' I just find one instance of nam-ki-aga2 the abstract noun 'love' Attached is a g image file nam-ki-aga2.g which has this word in the form of three Surian period cuneorm signs Return to list 102 Antiquity of Star Constellations. They are nad areas to the left top of the view build views by placing fields onto the shelves So shelves are available only when select certain mark types For example the Shape shelf is available only when select the Shape mark type 33 What is a Published data source? It contains connection information that is independent of any workbook can be used by multiple workbooks. From my experience counter-intuitively companies will not hire for r ability to build dashboards/ r data visualization skills alone (although that’s important as part of r job) they hire “expecting to solve business problems for them” That’s their underlying intention Regardless of r level of experience or skills r client/interviewer wants to know “what value can bring to the table” I have over a decade experience I know X Y Z tools I’m a great learner I love cats etc are great to know but what is the “value can bring to. How do explain r job success? Be cid without sounding arrogant ntion observations other people have made about r work strengths or talents This question is similar to the question "What sets apart from the crowd?" "I never assu our custors are satisfied with our product so I do my best to follow up with every custor This feedback has provided valuable insight into the quality characteristics of our products The custor as well always appreciates this follow-up especially when sothing hasn't gone right still have the opportunity to correct it on a tily basis In addition I'm able to pass on information to our design production units to help improve both process product." Do have an outlet a way to break from work so that show up each day refreshed ready to perform at r highest level? Describe sothing specic that allows to relax Are r personal career interests compatible in terms of their logic or thought process? "I make an effort to get out of the office at a reasonable hour twice a week I go ho walk my dog That's one of the most relaxing things I do but it often helps to think of solutions for problems at work even though I'm not consciously trying to solve those problems." What outside activities complent r work interests? Percentile is available as an aggregation as a table calculation To use one of the built-in percentile aggregations right-click a asure in the view select asure > Percentile then choose one of the nuric options 48 What is a Secondary Axes? In addition to blending multiple asures on the sa axis can add a secondary axis or dual axis to a view to better compare asures of dferent scales. The interviewer is looking for a logical mix of people without any obvious omissions For example a forr sales person do well to include a forr salesperson as a reference Describe what 'd expect each of r references to say Include a diverse group-senior to junior an associate from work old professor from college "I selected a forr boss a peer custor as references to demonstrate that I'm a pretty well-rounded person get along with all the important work associates in my le." Can we call all of r references? When publish workbooks that connect to extracts can schedule the extracts to be refreshed automatically That way don’t have to republish the workbook every ti the underlying data is upd can still get the performance of a data extract This increases performance avoids queries to the live database Then can add that workbook to a schedule so that the extract is refreshed at regular intervals with upd data from the data warehouse Schedules are created managed on the server by an administrator However an administrator can allow to add a workbook to a schedule when are publishing from Tableau Desktop. A dashboard is also defined as a visual display of the most important information needed to achieve one or more objectives that have been consolid on a single screen so it can be easily monitored understood at a glance The dashboard gives the ability is to spot the exception highs lows then drilling into the specics all in. Return to list 39 Surian Planet Nas Tableau offers 5 products Tableau Desktop: Tableau desktop is considered as “the gold stard” in visual analytics It is a self-service data visualization tool that lets analyze virtually any type of structured data produce highly interactive stunning dashboards reports in just minutes. The maximum number of 32 tables can be joined in Tableau A table size must also be limited to 255 columns (fields) 84 Explain about Actions in Tableau? Using Actions we can create navigation between high-level details to low-level details to support analysis This navigation can take place between worksheets (or) within dashboard between worksheets (or) between two dferent workbooks. Return to list 48 Where Does One Learn Surian? >How's it going? I know this is a long shot but do know of any school or >place that teaches one how to speak Surian? Thanks for r ti Where do live? can search the e-mail addresses of Assyriologists - I have a link to them at my links page See at what universities they teach Return to list 49 What is the Relation of Surian to Other Language Families? Return to list 3 Tiline of sopotamian History > I am a student who studies at [snip] I've recently been given >a task to research for a tiline based on sopotamia in my history >class Since I am new to the net I need so help from u Could u pls >suggest good sites for tilines based on spotamia? Look at the bottom of the sopotamia links on my links page for a site called A Chronology of the Ancient Near East Return to list 4 Surian Version Biblical Story. Source Tableau Server has a highly scalable n-tier client-server architecture that serves mobile clients web clients desktop-installed software Each of the components is explained below. Version control of a workbook can be done in 2 ways One at the desktop level where keep copies of changes on a file system or a 3rd party version control system like Microsoft TFS Second is at the server level when publish a workbook or a data source a version is saved in the revision history for Tableau Server Tableau Online can revert to a previous version at. Return to list 7 Surian Language ba- Prefix We're considering two other cis for this position Why should we hire rather than soone else? Do not be distracted by the ntion of two other cis don't know anything about them they could be fictitious Focus on what strengths bring to the table These should be consistent with the four things most employers are looking for in cis during the job interview: competence professionalism enthusiasm likability Rember they are looking for chemistry between them Be prepared to summarize in 60 seconds why are the best ci for the job Also let the employer know want the job will enjoy working with them A lack of interest in the job may indicate a lack of enthusiasm for the job them How do spend r. Null values along an axis are indicated in the lower right corner of the view Click the indicator to open a dialog box that will help decide how to hle these values The options available in the dialog box depend on the type of data in the view 47 What are Rank Percentile? Use rank when are interested in seeing the order of values in a list For example could apply a rank table calculation to a table to see which product category ranked highest in sales over a four-year period. to greet say "Hello" ('health' + 'regarding' + 'to call say') silim-ma he2--en "Welco" ('may be healthy') silim sum to greet say "Hello" ('greeting' + 'to give') So the Surian word silim is related to Hebrew shalom Arabic salaam may be the origin of them The Surian traders who spread the Ubaid culture throughout the Near East starting around 6,000 BC (calibrated) have used this greeting word Return to list 94 Pentagram Symbol? Suppose create a view that exposes a new range of in the data ’re using want to share this analysis with other people using this data Or maybe are r team’s Data Steward in charge of building the data models approved for use by analysts eting r organization’s requirents for security compliance performance so on can share r work with the rest of r team by publishing it to Tableau Server or Tableau Online After it’s published r team can access it through r web browser or the Tableau mobile app Publishing data sources can also help to centralize data managent. The download formats available to depend on permissions granted by Tableau content owners site administrators Image: Downloads an image of the view in a png format Data: Opens a new tab in the browser window displays the view’s data in summary detail can then download the data as a comma-separated value (.csv) file Crosstab: Downloads the view or the selected sheet in a dashboard as a csv file can open in Microsoft Excel. Tableau Desktop is the rapid-fire business analytics authoring environnt used to create publish views reports dashboards to Tableau Server Using Tableau Desktop a report author can connect to multiple data sources explore relationships create dashboards mody tadata finally publish a completed workbook or data source to Tableau Server Read more from this whitepaper 100 What are the dferent data security levels? Return to list 24 Translate Surian Alphabet? >hello i need to translate the surian >alphabet to english alphabet letter please help The Greeks invented the alphabet long after Surian had ceased to be a living language Surian writing did not use an alphabet Surian writing started with pictographs progressed to ideographs logographs Return to list 25 Letters of Surian Alphabet? > Can give the main letters of the alphabet? Thanks this is for a >project The Surians did not have an alphabet They wrote with pictograms in a manner similar to the Chinese At my links page will find a link to the Signs of Old Surian Return. Return to list 67 Need Background for Novel that I Am Writing It displays information as a series of data points called ‘markers’ connected by straight line segnts The X-axis holds the categories while the Y-axis holds the values. Filter on asure: This filter provides options – a range of values at least at most special We can select any option that helps to select the right data or eliminate the unwanted data A special option is to deal with Null values Example: Filter on Sum. Good Luck r well-wisher Sateesh It’S not about r skills it’s about them (company client their products/services their business) I’m stressing this because this is often overlooked so important to get the best outcos in the interview/ project great client relationship have to zoom out a little bit start looking at the forest for the trees The bigger picture why do/did client have to hire ? What’s the WHY behind their project? The Stacked Column Chart comprises several Column series stacked vertically one on another Each series’ length is determined by the value in each data point Stacked Column Charts are a great option need to observe the change in each of several variables simultaneously in their sum should pick this type of chart only in case the number of series is higher than two With just one series it be the Column Chart. Can import a Tableau Map Source (.tms) that soone has shared with into a workbook then use it to create custom map views Tableau Preferences (.tps) Whenever have to create custom palettes to match r company bring (besides the default Tableau color palettes) can also create use r own custom color palettes by modying the   file that cos with Tableau Desktop. A Workbook contains r views dashboards stories data connection can include local resources such as background images custom geocoding they reside in a location that the server or other Tableau users cannot access A worksheet contains a single view along with shelves legends the Data pane A worksheet is where build views of r data by dragging dropping fields onto shelves. Below are so of the file type’s extensions in Tableau Workbooks ( twb) The twb is the most common file extension used in Tableau which presents an XML format file comprises all the information present in each dashboard sheet like the fields are used in the views styles formatting applied to a sheet dashboard But this workbook in itself does not contain any data Workbooks hold one or more worksheets plus zero or more dashboards stories Packaged Workbooks (.twbx) It's likely that 've made it to the interview stage fulfill the basic criteria for the position including the education requirents The recruiter is probably trying to judge here how well the ci hles adversity It's important not to get defensive or to place bla Instead try to put a positive spin on the question-for example by concentrating on what learned the extra effort put in rather than on the grades received "School was a wonderful experience for I really enjoyed learning new ideas I studied consistently I was attentive in class But I never believed in cramming before the night of an exam just to get a higher grade or staying up all night to finish a term paper I really believe I learned just as much as many students who went for the grades." There are many reasons why Tableau is the best data visualization tool Here are. This can be a dficult question to answer convincingly unless 've done a little bit of preparation Discuss for example an internship or a conversation that's allowed to assess the culture of the organization or to preview the work involved Describe other people in the profession who have been ntors or who have taught about the field Also point out why 're interested how learned more about the industry how stay current with industry trends. Authorization Refers to how what users are allowed to do with content hosted on Tableau Server (including projects sites workbooks data sources) after authentication has been veried These actions are determined by a combination of the user’s site role permissions associated with content. Application Server processes ( ) hle content browsing server administration permissions for the Tableau Server web mobile interfaces When a user opens a view in a client device that user starts a session (workgroup_session_id) on Tableau Server The default tiout for this session is easily configuration by an administrator. Return to list 33 The Planet Nibiru A workbook created with any version of Tableau Desktop can connect to any supported version of Tableau Server But once are connected compatibility can be an issue depending on the version are using the action ’re performing. When import all or so of r data into Tableau’s data engine create a data extract After create the initial extract can set up an incrental refresh so that importing new data doesn’t require to rebuild the entire extract An incrental refresh can be defined by the values in a specied column For example ’ve created an extract that has values can define the incrental refresh to only add new rows there are additions in the column. Tableau’S data connectors leverage r existing data infrastructure by sending dynamic SQL or MDX statents directly to the source database rather than importing all the data This ans that ’ve invested in a fast analytics-optimized database like Vertica can gain the benefits of that investnt by connecting live to r data This leaves the detail data in the source system sends the aggregate results of queries to Tableau. Return to list 92 Dference Between Akkadian Surian Languages? >What is the dference between the Akkadian the Surian language? Speakers of the Surian language coexisted for a thous years with speakers of 3rd millenium Akkadian dialects so the languages had so effect on each other but they work completely dferently With Surian have an unchanging verbal root to which add anywhere from one to eight prefixes infixes suffixes to make a verbal chain Akkadian is like other Semitic languages in having a root of three consonants then inflecting or conjugating that root with dferent vowels or prefixes Return to list 93 Surian on Voyager "Golden Record"? Return to list 104 Surian Dinsional Prefixes Personal Affixes? A dashboard is a collection of several worksheets supporting information shown in a single place so can compare monitor a variety of data simultaneously For example may have a set of views that review every day Rather than flipping through each worksheet can create a dashboard that displays all the views at once A story is a sheet that contains a sequence of worksheets dashboards that work together to convey information Use stories to make r case more compelling by showing how facts are connected how decisions relate to outcos can then publish r story to the web or present it to an audience. Return to list 61 Surian Words in Akkadian Hebrew "not at all My experience qualications make do my job only better in my opinion my good design skills help to sell more books My business experience helps run the art departnt in a cost-efficient manner thus saving the company money Finally I think I'm able to attract better freelance talent because of all my industry contacts My qualications are better for r company too since 'll be getting a better return for r investnt Again I'm interested in establishing a long-term relationship with my employer I did well I expect exped responsibilities that could make use of even other skills." What do one of our competitors offered a position? Url: The URL option helps to navigate from one published workbook to another published workbook When report gets published in the Tableau Server it gets a unique URL One Workbook can have high-level details the other workbook can have low-level details Example: Workbook with Sales by Category Another workbook with Sales by Category Sub-category Upon selection of a category in one workbook the other workbook. Can use Tableau customizations to fine tune this connection information in order to signicantly improve performance during the execution of Tableau’s complex SQL statents For example custors can define the SQL statents in which a schema identier can be used or the level at which their data source conforms to the SQL stard changing how Tableau queries for tadata whether it can use temporary tables how many concurrent queries the data source can support etc These customizations are made using Tableau’s Datasource Connection (TCD) files. Can do performance testing on Tableau with Tableau Server load-testing solution called TabJolt can use TabJolt to push a heavy workload onto Tableau Server to give it a jolt study how the server bends or breaks under load While TabJolt is not supported by tableau directly it has to be installed using other open source products.   A Line Chart is the most popular type of the data visualization As a rule it is used to emphasize trends in data over equal ti intervals such as months quarters fiscal years. Return to list 57 Surian Origins Return to list 27 Sur Not Suria >Thank for the proverbs the cuneorm writing I teach 6th grade >social studies we are presently doing Suria This was interesting to >read I will share the site with my students Thank will help r students by teaching them that the country is called Sur not Suria Return to list 28 Could Surian "ur" an Ox. From Storytelling with. The context filter is not frequently changed by the user – the filter is changed the database must re-compute rewrite the temporary table slowing performance When set a dinsion to context Tableau creates a temporary table that will require a reload each ti the view is initiated. Return to list 78 Letters or Sounds Missing from Surian >In studying r list of Surian words the following letters >seem to not be in their alphabet: >c,f,j,o,q,v,w,x,y (although the "x" is there in a dferent font) >Am I correct? The Surians had a syllabary not an alphabet They may have had the o sound but the Akkadians from whom we have our knowledge of Surian did not represented it with the u sound are basically correct about the Surians not using those sounds Return to list 79 Surian Pictographic Writing It is based on the idea that humans are fairly good at interpreting changes in direction Decreases quickly rising increases are easily detected More resources here 75 How does version compatibility work in Tableau? This is another question designed to probe the ci's professional personality The interviewer will want reassurance that are able to hold up under pressure Describe how 've remained diplomatic objective or professional in a dficult situation "I was frustrated once when one of my clients who'd insisted on a high-growth stock called in a panic because the stock price had dropped more than twenty points in one day I had a hard ti convincing him to ride it out rather than cut his losses This happened despite my attempts from the beginning to explain the short-term volatility of that stock." Tell about r least-favorite manager or professor. Give an example of a goal both set achieved Ideally this should be a professional goal; such as improved ti managent skills achieved new performance targets or learned a new skill A personal example can also be appropriate it reinforces r pattern of accomplishnts For example take a great deal of initiative quickly move into leadership positions might use a personal example relating to r recent community work: organized a community walk-a-thon that raised $30,000 in matching funds to purchase new computers for the local library Talk about results of achieving r goal This indicates set realistic goals that can focus on outcos Select an example that has interesting outcos related to r efforts The example should showcase r skills abilities Now that 've had a chance to learn more about us what change about our company? Discrete data roles are values that are counted as distinct separate can only take individual values within a range Examples: nas of custors Discrete values are shown as blue pills on the shelves blue icons in the data window Continuous data roles are used to asure continuous data can take on any value within a finite or infinite interval Examples: unit price revenue or order quantity Continuous variables behave in a similar way in that they can take on any value Continuous values are shown as. "i'd like to have the opportunity to work in a plant as well as at the ho office I also hope to develop my managent skills perhaps by managing a small staff." Describe r ideal career Talk about what enjoy skills that are natural to realistic problems or opportunities 'd expect in this particular job or industry what hope to learn from those experiences Avoid ntioning specic ti fras or job titles "I'd like to stay in a field related to training no matter what happens I was too interested in business to work at a university but I believe that teaching is sohow in my blood I've been good at sales because I took the ti to educate my clients Now I look forward to training the new hires." Data Visualization is a form of visual communication At its core it’s about encoding aggregations representing data visually in order to gain insight from the data Data visualization allows for imdiate insight by tapping into our mind’s powerful visual processing system A primary goal of data visualization is to communicate information clearly efficiently via graphs charts Effective visualization helps users analyze reason about data evidence It makes complex data more accessible understable usable. Can create by dragging a filed into ‘Filters’ tab then Right-Click that field select ‘’Add to Context”. First we have to think about what it is that we want our audience to be able to do with the data (function) then create a visualization (form) that will most efficiently most accurately convey the data’s aning When display the data visually using the right chart ’ll be able to easily uncover aningful patterns correlations from a set of otherwise indecipherable numbers Below are the four data relationships that are used when visualizing. When save the workbook restart Tableau Desktop the color palette nas added to   appear in the Select Color Palette drop-down list which can use a new palette like any other Tableau Datasource Customization (.tdc) When use a connector for a database that supports SQL Tableau generates SQL statents that are tuned for that database Because Tableau has no representation of the SQL dialect used by an ODBC data source it must infer the supported syntax through a variety. "during my sumr internship I was assigned the task of conducting a benchmarking study for all the communication expenditures for a major utility I had to get the consensus of employees in several dferent departnts Unfortunately they resented the fact that I was just a sumr intern they refused to cooperate I had to schedule individual etings with every employee persuade each one that I was doing what be ultimately to his or her own departnt to the company After a frustrating month I finally got everyone's cooperation the project went flawlessly in the end I received a bonus for my efforts." What's r most productive or ideal work setting? Within a workbook can create new sheets clear an entire worksheet duplicate sheets hide or show a worksheet delete a sheet Tableau has several ways to view organize the sheets in r workbook Note: From Worksheet we can access Source Data Dinsions asures Custom Fields From Dashboard we can access Worksheet but we cannot access dinsions asures directly. Group simplies large numbers of dinsion mbers by combining them into higher-level categories can create a group to combine related mbers in a field For example are working with a view that shows average test scores by major might want to group certain majors together to create major categories English History might be combined into a group called Liberal Arts Majors while Biology Physics might be grouped as Science Majors. Return to list 100 The Oldest Written Story? Tableau Online: Tableau Online is an analytics platform fully hosted in the cloud It enables to publish dashboards share r discoveries with anyone Invite colleagues or custors to explore hidden opportunities with interactive visualizations accurate data All easily accessible from a browser or on the go with Tableau mobile apps Tableau Reader: Tableau Reader is a free desktop application that can use to open interact with data visualizations built in Tableau Desktop Filter drill down discover But this needs the packaged workbook file to be shared across the users which not only is a security issue but also loses track of the correct version. According to Tableau disaggregating r data allows to view every row of the data source which can be useful when are analyzing asures that may want to use both independently dependently in the view For example may be analyzing the results from a product satisfaction survey with the Age of participants along one axis can aggregate the Age field to determine the average age of participants or disaggregate the data to determine at what age participants were most satisfied with the product. Return to list 14 Surian "mashkim" as Demons? >Correct I'm wrong but doesn't the Surian word "Maskim" an one of >seven demons that were said to devour blood at night or not could >possibly tell a little about these demons? Possibly the later Babylonians used the word in this way by which ti Surian had been dead as a spoken language for centuries When the language was spoken mashkim ant "inspector monitor sherf commissioner" Return to list 15 Zecharia Sitchen; Surian Language Suppressed? Return to list 16 Hebrew ELOHIM >Does the hebrew word ELOHIM have surian origins? There is an Afro-Asiatic root `ilay which ans 'to be high' In Semitic Hebrew it manests as elow which is probably the origin of elohim 'gods' So the answer is no the word does not have Surian origins Follow-up: > - the word El in hebrew ans god how that be of afro-asiatic root? > where "ohim" co from when u already have the El? or where El co >from in the 1st place? In Hebrew one adds -im to form the masculine plural EL in Hebrew ans 'a strong mighty one a hero a god' There is no word EL in Akkadian but there are many Akkadian words beginning with EL that an 'high above over' Return. The better underst the business/client’s pain points the better can solve them make them happy That’s the holy grail of great client relationship more opportunities in the future That’s how will st out from r peers beco a valuable resource client’s rave for Sateesh all good but how can I show value upfront without knowing joining them/ knowing anything about their business? This interviewer wants to know the ci will be a good corporate citizen The question also gives the interviewer a sense of the job seeker's values Try to focus r answer on productive applications of r work-related skills Don't get sidetracked describing a cause that doesn't demonstrate job-related skills Avoid discussing any charity or organization that may be considered controversial "As a marketing person I've offered free advice to our local high school for its fund-raisers as well as to a local real-estate office whose success could help my rural community's real-estate values." Describe how a sport or hobby taught a lesson in teamwork or discipline. Hyper technology is mory-optimized This ans that when needed all data lives in mory This results in fast data access tis Hyper is a compiling query engine Queries are either interpreted or compiled to the machine code for maximum performance allowing the Data Engine to get the most performance out of modern hardware (CPU large main-mory capacities) Read. Often the ci will try to impress the employer by naming so large firms in unrelated industries with completely dferent types of jobs This is a big mistake! What employers want to hear is that 're interviewing for similar jobs in the sa industry at similar firms (such as their competitors) This illustrates that 're committed to finding a job in r field of interest are likely to be a low-risk hire "Actually I've definitely decided to pursue a career as a restaurant manager so I'm applying for restaurant managent-training programs I've recently had interviews with several other large national fast-food chains such as Super Burger Clackey's Chicken." Do believe 're overqualied for this position? Such an answer indicates are open to making changes but also have a certain non-threatening decision-making style r response should sound sensible innovative We all have weaknesses What are so of r major weaknesses? This is not the ti to confess all r problems nor to confidently say have no weaknesses The best way to hle this question is to ntion personal weaknesses that are outside the job or a professional weakness that have already improved upon For example, Tableau packaged workbooks have the twbx file extension A packaged workbook is a single zip file that contains a workbook along with any supporting local file data sources background images This format is the best way to package r work for sharing with others who don’t have access to the data Save all the sheets their connection information any local resources (e.g local file data sources background images custom geocoding etc.) The primary advantage to using twbx files is that analysis can be perford without network/internet connections to r data because r data is already present on r computer in the packaged file. Provide examples of r initiative resourcefulness Discuss how r leadership skills have helped accomplish r goals Give a specic example that shows a creative new or unusual approach to reaching r goals "During my sumr job at Cellular One I noticed that the sales inquiries were distributed haphazardly to all the marketing assistants in the office I decided to set up a system grouping inquiries according to region or according to company size This approach enabled the entire marketing team to co up with better more creative solutions to our sales problems." Return to list 81 Surian "danna" Akkadian "beru" >Why can't I find the word beru? Can the word ever signy a "day" or a >"double-day"? That is an Akkadian word Look in the Surian Lexicon under danna in the DAN section beru is the Akkadian equivalent translated 'double-hour; league' Never 'day' or 'double-day' Return to list 82 Dilmun Paradise Bahrain. There’S no way to predict what Tableau Interview ’ll be asked Also it’s not possible to give a script for every scenario since every individual’s experience situation interviewer experience project requirent is dferent find direct to technical below But for HR/Behavioral/Culture fit/thought process (in the pdf) may find guidelines how to answer them based on my own experience Please prepare to those using those guidelines find r own voice below represents my own experience thoughts but not related to any of my employers or . Depending on the version the extract was created in Tableau extract files can have either the hyper (10.5+) or tde file extension Extract files are a local copy of a subset or entire data set that can use to share data with others when need to work offline improve performance Bookmarks (.tbm) Tableau bookmark files have the tbm file extension Bookmarks contain a single worksheet are an easy way to quickly share r work Tableau Map Source (.tms) Again don't fall into the trap of specying job titles Stick to a natural progression see as plausible How should this job grow for the good of the organization? Then turn r attention once again to the job at h seem too interested in what lies beyond this job the interviewer will fear that won't stick around for long "Beyond this job as a marketing assistant I see myself moving up through marketing analysis into br managent eventually running a category I'm aware that there are several skills I need to develop in the interval I believe with r continuing-education program my own motivation for self-improvent I'll have those skills when the opportunities arise for greater responsibility That's why I'm determined to learn from the ground up starting as a marketing assistant." Return to list 83 How Reliable Is John M Allegro? >I've read John M Allegro's Book "The sacred mushroom the cross" > I want to proove his theses for my interpretation of his book > >Hence I'm not a scientiest for early languages it is quite dficult to > to proove his interpretation of surian words (which are his points of >start for several causally determinations) > >I tried to find equivalents between Allegros surian words in r surian >lexicon - so fit other not - but maybe I'm not familiar enough to proove >it this way > >So - have a position to John M Allegro it be very interest in it Allegro was not a Surologist Read: /articles/10583 Return. Describe things believe the company does very well particularly compared to its competition Explain how the financial strength of the company is important "With r low-cost-producer status headquarters operation in a low-cost area of the country seem in a better position to be able to spend aggressively on R&D even in a down year compared to r closest rival." What other firms are interviewing with for what positions? Return to list 98 Marijuana in Surian? > I have heard instances of caven using cannabis sativa for religious purposes Did the Surians use cannabis (I don't see why they as prepackaged food was unavailable to them)? u2 a-zal-la2 : a dicinal plant probably distilled into a narcotic (described as "a plant for forgetting worries"); cannabis sativa hashish (?) ('liquid' + 'to have ti elapse' + nominative) From a period 2000 years later we know the Akkadian word shim qunnabu There are many references in Google to qunnabu The best reference in Google for a-zal-la is at: .org/research/abel Return to list 99 Purpose of the. Return to list 64 Age/Location of Surian Vocabulary >In relation to r Surian Lexicon 3.0 I'd need to >know of what age/location is it It be nice the lexicon indicated the provenance for which particular words anings are attested but I am just one person did not have the ti to do that The majority of our texts are from the Ur III Old Babylonian periods Return to list 65 Hungarian Roots Users can edit up the workbooks dashboards online or Server but cannot create new ones However there are limited editing options when compared to desktop Tableau server connects to any data source securely – whether on-premise or in the cloud Publish share r data sources as live connections or extracts for everyone to use The Tableau platform is easy to deploy scale monitor Easily track manage content users licenses performance Quickly manage permissions for data sources content monitor usage visually. Return to list 103 View Cuneorm Text on Clay Tablets at. Return to list 75 Necronomicon; Learning Surian Any discrete field in Tableau can be considered as a set of bins For example suppose create a view with Profit on Rows State on Columns could consider the State field as a set of bins -each profit value is sorted into a bin corresponding to the state from which the value was recorded But want to see values for Profit assigned to bins without reference to a dinsion can create a nuric bin with each individual bin corresponding to a range of values. Return to list 44 Vowels in Surian Writing? >Did the surians have vowels in their writings? Yes So of the Surian ideograms gradually beca used as syllabograms which included the vowel indications Return to list 45 Did Surian Have Vowel Harmony? When publish a workbook to Tableau Online or Tableau Server can publish the data it connects to in 2 ways As an integrated part of the workbook which is embedding data source connection information within the workbook This is used when we know a data source is not shared with other dashboards As separate stalone data source which is used when we have to share the sa data source with multiple dashboards. Return to list 8 Surian Eden? >I was wondering could answer a question for I have read sowhere >that the na "Eden" was a Surian word I have thought it was a >Hebrew word but then again I don't know the relationship of the Surian >language the Hebrew language > >At any rate Eden Adam /or Eve are Surian words >please tell they have a translation/aning? EDIN is a Surian word but it refers to the steppe l between the two rivers where the herd animals grazed Return to list 9 Hungarian Surian Dashboards which enable us to interact with various elents like filters paraters actions slice dice the data to get better insights or answer complex 27 What is Show feature in Tableau? Show is a useful feature in Tableau which creates a visual based on the fields already used in the view any fields ’ve selected in the. Return to list 31 Preflood Mythology - Ziusudra the Surian Noah >Could give any information on surian mythology relating to preflood >tis on the earth This be of great help to Thank very much A search at .com for Ziusudra turns up 1,420 docunts Return to list 32 How to Interpret "dirig- -she"? Return to list 68 Disputing the Etymology of the Surian Word for 'Breast' Return to list 86 Info on Surian Music? From Story we can access Dashboard Worksheets but we cannot access dinsions asures directly 55 Dference between Tiled Floating in Tableau Dashboards A dashboard is a collection of worksheets objects on a single sheet so can compare monitor a variety of data simultaneously Dashboard objects can be tiled or floating Tiled objects are arranged in a grid while floating objects can be layered on top of other objects. Donut charts– This is similar to the pie chart but with a hole cut out in the middle so that it looks like a donut Because there’s a hole in the middle we don’t judge values by angle anymore Instead we have to compare one arc length with to another arc length Our eyes cannot ascribe quantitative values to arc length properly. When publish workbooks that connect to extracts can set up a schedule for ups (refreshes) for those extracts so the views in those workbooks stay current The ways can set up manage extract refresh schedules depends on where publish on the original data type When publish to Tableau Server the schedule runs is managed on the server When publish to Tableau Online: extracts are from cloud data (for example Google Analytics or Salesforce) schedules run are managed on Tableau Online. Tableau provides a distinct powerful tool to control the output display known as Page shelf As the na suggests the page shelf fragnts the view into a series of pages presenting a dferent view on each page making it more user-friendly minimizing scrolling to analyze view data information can flip through the pages using the specied controls compare them at a common axle 38 How many ways to use paraters in Tableau We can use paraters with filters calculated fields actions asure-swap changing views. Trend Analysis: It is about finding the behavior of historic activity based on the detailed historical information The more detailed accurate information we provide in Trend models the results will be that much accurate The following are available models in Tableau for Trend Analysis. The interviewer is trying to determine whether the ci is truly interested in the industry company or whether he or she has chosen the company romly Contrast r perceptions of the company with its competitors talk about the company's products or services that 've encountered In the long run which players do believe are most viable why? This is also a good place to ask the interviewer for his or her opinion "I'd say no I'm not interested in other players in this industry I want to work for Nike because I won a number of races wearing the Nike br Because of my positive experience with Nike I know I'd be convincing selling r product to retailers." What's r. Read. "when I need to solve a problem I generally start by writing down as many ideas as I can think of about possible causes Next I look for relationships among causes so I can group together symptoms of bigger problems Usually after I study these groups of problems the real cause becos readily apparent." How practical or pragmatic are ? Give the interviewer an example of so practical or sensible approach 've used to solve a problem When was a simple solution the best solution? Had others overlooked the obvious? In this example 'll want to show off r commonsense skills rather than r academic skills. The Waterfall Chart type is generally used to underst the influence of several positive negative factors on the initial value Points are utilized to display the process of the initial value change can be in one of the three states: increase decrease or total (subtotal) The first last columns in a Waterfall Chart usually represent totals The interdiate ones st for the changes The process of viewing nuric values or asures at higher more summarized levels of the data is called aggregation When place a asure on a shelf Tableau automatically aggregates the data usually by summing it can easily determine the aggregation applied to a field because the function always appears in front of the field’s na when it is placed on. Return to list 37 aning. From Tableau 10.5 now can revert r workbooks to an older version with improved workbook version compatibility Other users in r organization can open edit a workbook even when they aren’t using the latest version of Tableau Desktop (down to Tableau 10.2). "i've beco a little frustrated in the past year because the downturn in our industry has caused limited promotional opportunities Based upon salary information published by our national association the market price for soone with my experience educational background is in the broad range of thirty to forty thous dollars per year Although I'm not certain how r salaries compare to the national norms my feeling is that my value certainly be in the upper half of this national range I hope 'll share with so of r salary ranges relative to the national norms." What do reasonably expect to earn within. Image source Return to list 46 Surians Live During or Before the Ti of Biblical Moses? >I am interested to know Surian were exist as a people either during the >ti of Moses or before? The Surians flourished before the ti of Moses who lived in the middle of the second millenium B.C.E The Surian language ceased to be spoken before the ti of Moses In the book of Genesis 11:2 the Bible sets the story of the tower of Babel in the l of Shinar which is how the Hebrews wrote Sur Shinar is also briefly ntioned in the Bible at Genesis 14:1 Isaiah 11:11 Zechariah 5:11 Daniel 1:2 In Genesis 11:28-31 the Bible describes how Abraham the putative ancestor of Moses all Hebrews was a native of the Surian city of Ur Return. This is a question designed to protect r current job employer doesn't know r looking for a new job (as is most often the case) can request that the interviewer contact r current employer after 've accepted a position given r notice to r current employer "I'd prefer that call my current boss only after 've made a firm offer of employnt I've had a chance to tell her myself that I'm changing jobs Then of course I underst r need to very that my application was accurate." Are most productive working alone or in. "i believe that too In my last job as manager I told each of my employees that they could spend one Friday afternoon a month at a charity of their choice on company ti as long as they weren't gone on the sa Fridays Ironically productivity didn't decrease at all; they got more done in the morning- I guess Friday afternoons weren't that productive to begin with I've spent my afternoons with an adult reading program." What community projects that can use r professional skills are particularly interesting to ? A slope graph is a lot like a line graph in that it plots change between points However a slope graph plots the change between only two points without any kind of regard for the points in between. There are three options to implent Actions in Tableau: Filter Highlight URL Filter: The filter option helps to navigate from source worksheet to target worksheet One worksheet can carry high-level details the target worksheet can have detail level information in relation to the source worksheet Example: Source worksheet can have category level information target worksheet can have the category subcategory details Upon selection of a category we can navigate to target worksheet to see sub-category level details. The Stacked Bar Chart is composed of multiple Bar series stacked horizontally one after another The length of each series depends on the value in each data point Stacked Bar Charts make it easier to follow the variation of all the variables presented side by side watch the change in. Highlight: The highlight option helps to navigate within dashboard between source worksheet target worksheet One worksheet can carry high-level details the target worksheet can have detail level information in relation to the source worksheet Example: Dashboard with Sales by Category Sub-category Assu there are two worksheets in the dashboard One worksheet can have category level information target worksheet can have a category subcategory details Upon hover of a category we can highlight the sub-category level details in the target worksheet. A scatter plot chart will show the relationship between two dferent values This is particularly useful to identy outliers or to underst the correlation in the data The datasets need to be in pairs with a dependent variable an independent variable The dependent (the one the other relies on) becos the y-axis the independent. "i served as an intern to a restaurant analyst last sumr so I followed all the steak-house chains closely What 've done especially well is focus on a limited nu with great consistency among locations; the business traveler trusts r product anywhere in the U.S I'm particularly interested in r real-estate finance group expansion plans." What have learned about our company from custors employees or others? Referential integrity is a concept which ensures that relationships between databases/tables remain consistent i.e it ensures that the references to data are valid can improve query performance by selecting this option from the data nu When use this option Tableau will include the joined table in the query only it is specically referenced by fields in the view 80 Where can use global filters? Global filters can be used in sheets dashboards in stories 35 Na of Surian Religion? >what was the na of the surian religion an like Southern Baptists or Roman Catholics? The Surians did not have a word for religion because worshipping the gods at their temples was basic to their existence As can imagine it is dficult to have a na for their religion when they don't even have a word for religion Return to list 36 The Surian People Return to list 10 Enable Surian True Type Font >"When open the file ensure that at File >Templates there is a valid path to the enclosed > template file." > >I did all that added the Surian true font file but it >seems to make no dference am I doing sothing wrong >What should it look like? It should have the tilde over so of the letters g it should have the dish under the letter h Those characters in particular make the special font necessary Did go to Start Settings Control Panel Fonts select File Add New Font? When scroll down in the Fonts listbox does it show the Surian font? >How kind of to care > >I have it working now thank Return. This question forces the ci to describe a negative situation Do so in the context of an early career mistake based on inexperience; then demonstrate the better judgnt now have as a result of that learning experience "The first ti I had to give a presentation to our board I failed to anticipate so of their I was unprepared for anything other than what I wanted to report Now my director I brainstorm all the what-s in advance." How do manage stress in r daily work? It might be helpful here to describe a stressful project 've worked on the specic actions took to organize each step see the project through How do keep rself calm professional under pressure? Return to list 22 Cuneorm Symbols in Surian Lexicon? >I have downloaded Surian Lexicon as a Word for Windows 6.0 version I >am able to view the docunt but cannot see cuneorm symbols The symbols >seem to appear as our regular alphabet but with various accent marks etc > >I was able to load the TrueType Surian font into windows I made sure >that the template had a correct path to the file The Surian true type font is needed for specialized transliteration symbols such as the g with the tilde over it the h with the dish under it It take many more than the 256 spaces available in a true type font to display cuneorm Return to list 23 Poetry to Woo a Surian Girl? When share workbooks with others by publishing them to Tableau Server or Online by default all users who have access to the workbooks can see all of the data shown in the views can override this behavior by applying a type of filter that allows to specy which data “rows” any given person signed in to the server can see in the view Read. Silim[Di] sim3 to be healthy complete perfect; to be/ make in good shape; to restore (usually considered Akk loanword root ans 'peace' in 18 of 21 Semitic languages but Surians used word in greeting root not in Orel & Stolbova's Hamito-Semitic Etymological Dictionary; cf sil5 'pleasure joy' + lum 'to grow luxuriantly') silim dug4/du11/di/e to greet say "Hello" ('health' + 'to speak') silim-še3. What is r biggest failure? Focus on sothing outside r work or sothing that happened on the job that later fixed Do not admit to any personal quality that might hamper job performance such as procrastination laziness or lack of concentration Choose sothing that will not reflect badly on r ability to perform in the given position such as one that took place early in r career For example, We visualize data to harness the incredible power of our visual system to spot relationships trends Seeing the numbers visually gives us a quick understing of how business is performing so we can make data-backed decisions 5 How do define a dashboard? A dashboard is a visual display of information that helps us visually display track analyze key performance indicators (KPI) trics to monitor the health of a business. Tell sothing about rself that I didn't know from reading r resu Don't just repeat what's on r resu Think of a talent or skill that didn't quite fit into r employnt history but that's unique reveals sothing intriguing about r personality or past experience " n't know that I've managed my own small portfolio since I was sixteen but I believe that it's important for to underst my interest in investnt sales I've averaged a 12 percent return over the past eight years." Tell what know about this company. For this question obviously want to present a positive impression "I wish show up on ti more," is definitely not a good answer Rember to focus on one or two of r key strengths based on the personal thes 've developed "'d be thanking for a job well done be explaining how look forward to continuing to see good work from Furthermore I anticipate r explaining how really appreciated my putting in extra ti on so key projects how my creative thinking helped co up with so innovative solutions to existing problems." Give an example of a ti when were asked to accomplish a task but weren't given enough information How did resolve this problem? "although I never planned on a career as a writer or publisher much of my job in marketing has depended on good writing creative lat skills My part-ti college job with a newspaper taught a lot about desktop publishing how to position sothing on a page effectively how to write short sentences with maximum impact In all of my marketing jobs I've been able to explain my goals clearly to graphic designers which has helped avoid costly design revisions." How do usually go about solving a problem? The interviewer will want to hear the logic use to solve problems as well as the outcos 're able to achieve Are decisive? How do narrow the options make decisions? What do people say about r reasoning skills? What examples they cite of r effective decision-making? Tell about a ti had to use teamwork to get a desired result Tell a specic story then explain how the sa skill or lesson has been used in r work "My football coach from high school taught always to watch out for the other guy do he'll cover when need him to I've applied that principle in all my work groups especially on the trading floor." When aren't at work do prefer to stick to a schedule or do prefer to be spontaneous? Why? "i pore over the Wall Street Journal the Tis Institutional Investor several mutual fund newsletters I have a number of friends who are analysts." Why do think this industry sustain r interest in the long haul? What expectations or projects do have for the business that enable to grow without necessarily advancing? What excites about the business? What proof can offer that r interest has already co from a deep curiosity-perhaps going back at least a few years-rather than a current whim 'll outgrow? "i really enjoy getting outside-I often go camping hiking I've learned a lot about dferent fabrics that are good for various weather conditions That's why I'm so interested in r textile operations." Do live a balanced lestyle? This is r ideal chance to sell r aptitudes that fit the job description Show an interest in finding new ways these skills can be put to use in a new job with additional responsibilities Tie in the industry size of company or other factors where appropriate "My dream job include all of the responsibilities duties in this position 're trying to fill I also thrive in a fast-changing environnt where there's business growth r plans call for exping internationally during the next year this satisfy one of my ultimate goals of being involved in an international corporation." What motivates to do this kind. Tell about a ti when there was no rule or precedent to help attack a problem Can operate without structure? Describe r problem-solving process especially the steps took asures established in a particularly trying situation Demonstrate confidence the willingness to take on more challenges "I was the first employee in a newly created position I spent the first week developing an understing of the history that had led to creation of the position Only then did a thod for setting priorities on the job beco clear." What's r greatest achievent to ? Tableau offers a fast 64-bit ready columnar in-mory Data Engine that is optimized for analytics can connect to r data then with one click extract r data to bring it in-mory to perform queries in Tableau up to 100x faster Tableau’s Data Engine fully utilizes r entire system to achieve fast query response on hundreds of millions of rows of data on commodity hardware Tableau Server Main Components: The work of Tableau Server is hled with the following four server processes: Tableau Repository will be found under the “Docunts It contains a number of folders It will be automatically created while we install Tableau in our system Those folders contain logs where every hit of Tableau records logs in the notepad files also it contains so of the information like map sources Bookmarks etc Share this page : var url = /interview ; var a2a_config = a2a_config || {}; l = url"; The Best to Tough Interview Pdf: Downloads a PDF of selected sheets ’re downloading a dashboard to PDF format web page objects aren’t included Tableau Workbook: Downloads a workbook can open with Tableau Desktop Note: Downloading extrely large amounts of data can affect server performance might not complete successfully encounter these issues try exporting the data directly from the underlying data source. This is r opportunity to discuss a skill worked to develop or a ti when the quantity of r work required solid ti-managent skills How did remain focused? "I had to work two jobs to put myself through graduate school I interned at the newspaper while I studied journalism during the week Then on weekends I sold real estate Juggling those three schedules was a challenge but I did it because it was important to to graduate without school loans." Where do hope that r career will have progressed to in the next. "my biggest failure was not being selected as a SEAL because I was diagnosed with night vision problems When I was 18 all I wanted to be was a SEAL But I'm glad I didn't because I may have overlooked an exciting career in information technology" or "When I was working at CL Advertising Associates I lost the $2 million Jettler account after only six weeks on the job! I felt awful thought I be fired I was determined to get the account back did after six months Today the account makes up 1/3 of CL Advertising." What are the major reasons for r success? 103 What are permissions how can we set them on various resources? Permissions determine whether a given user is allowed or denied to perform a specic action on a specic resource There are six areas where permissions can be set: Site: Sites are at the top of the content hierarchy provide a way to partition r server into separate environnts for users Each site is administered separately has its own Groups Users Projects Workbooks Data Sources. Return to list 58 Out-of-Print Jacobsen Book >I am looking for an out of print book by Jacobsen Title: Toward an Image >of Tammuz other Essays >Do have any information on how to buy a copy I have only seen that out-of-print book in libraries I don't own a copy It is an excellent book full of Thorkild Jacobsen's scholarly articles r local university library does not have it I visit the Interlibrary Loan Departnt of r local public library They can get it for then can photocopy what interests This advice applies to getting any out-of-print book P.S On June 3 2008 I received an announcent from Dove Books that this is available as a $ reprint by Wipf Stock Return. Once the user is authenticated via the application server the user can open a view The client sends a request to the VizQL process ( ) The VizQL process then sends queries directly to the data source returning a result set that is rendered as images presented to the user In many cases Tableau Server leverages client-side rendering caching to reduce the load on the server. Authentication mode: When publish a data source or a workbook with a live database connection can choose an Authentication mode Which modes are available depends on what choose above User filters: can set filters in a workbook or data source that control which data a person sees in a published view based on their Tableau Server login account Read. Return to list 29 Pronunciation aning of Surian Words Data Source (.tds) Tableau data source files have the tds file extension Data source files are shortcuts for quickly connecting to data sources that use often Data source files do not contain the actual data but rather the information necessary to connect to the data source as well as modications ’ve made in the Data pane such as default properties calculated fields groups so on Packaged Data Source (.tdsx) Here is a relevant exchange from the now defunct Language Evolution mailing list: Tableau Desktop Log files are located in C: Users\My Docunts\My Tableau Repository have a live connection to the data source check the files are using an extract check the file The file often shows detailed information about queries. How long do think 'd continue to grow in this job? This is a variation on the question "Where do want to be in five years?" Be as specic as can considering what know about the position Don't ntion a job title 'd want next or the interviewer will wonder 're already preoccupied with moving on "My own personal asure of growth in a job is acquiring new skills new knowledge new insights into the industry As long as I can asure this type of growth I consider myself successful I'm a believer in stretching a job by reaching out to learn more about other areas that are peripheral to the job I'm in." Compare this job to others 're pursuing. A comparison tries to set one set of variables apart from another display how those two variables interact like the number of visitors to five competing websites in a single month A composition tries to collect dferent types of information that make up a whole display them together like the search terms that those visitors used to l on r site or how many of them ca from links search engines or direct traffic. "many years ago I learned an important lesson from Bob Nelson who was my first supervisor really beca my most important ntor He told his secret to success was to 'Look at each day as a new opportunity to be r very best Set high goals be honest never say no work with people who share r passion for doing their best.' I've always rembered that advice try to live it every day I am very self motivated determined honest I really love what I do I try to surround myself with people who share similar passions I thrive on this type of environnt Am I likely to find this environnt with r company? Can tell a little more about the characteristics of successful people at r company? What do see as so of the key success factors for this position?" The backgrounder refreshes scheduled extracts delivers notications manages other background tasks The backgrounder is designed to consu as much CPU as is available so as to finish the background activity as quickly as possible. Return to list 74 Books to Study Day-to-Day Le of Surians? Tableau packaged data source files have the tdsx file extension A packaged data source is a zip file that contains the data source file (.tds) described above as well as any local file data sources such as Extract files (.tde) text files Excel files Access files local cube files Use this format to create a single file that can then share with others who may not have access to the original data stored locally on r computer Extract (.hyper. This question may have several purposes The interviewer may be just curious about r personal le without getting into illegal He may also want to know how well rounded are in r personal professional lives Focus on so of the stard hobbies or activities that most people engage in: golf tennis boating reading music opera collecting gardening or cooking are operating a ho-based business as a sideline may not want to reveal r entrepreneurial spirit-it may indicate are planning to leave go solo as soon as the business starts doing well Source: Haldane's Best to Tough Interview Bernard Haldane Associates 2000 Why do want to work in this industry? A pane on the left side of the workbook that displays the fields of the data sources to which Tableau is connected 29 What are dferent ways of connecting data? can connect Live or as an Extract It depends on the project requirents In general the business needs up to minute/ live data ups to the dashboard we use Live connections But it cos with performance impact due to constant expensive data refresh operations. A Histogram visualizes the distribution of data over a continuous interval or certain ti period Each bar in a histogram represents the tabulated frequency at each interval/bin The total area of the Histogram is equal to the number of data Histograms help give an estimate as to where values are concentrated what the extres are whether there are any gaps or unusual values They are also useful for giving a rough view of the probability distribution. Faster extract creation: With Hyper technology it generates extracts almost as fast as the source system can deliver data no sorting needed Support for larger extracts: Prior to this release might not have been able to get all r data into a single extract With the new Hyper technology much larger amounts of data are included in a single extract Faster analysis of extracts: In many cases will see faster querying of data for larger extracts or workbooks with complex calculations. The Gantt Chart is a type of bar diagram used to illustrate plans activity schedules of any project It is a project managent tool Gantt Chart consist of bars stretched along the. Should be able to find sothing that leads to so valuable discovery worth noting talking about during the interview When are given a chance to ask at the end of the interview talk about what discovered ask about their products/services what business problems are they facing what’s the WHY the pain behind the project etc offer a mini solution for the problem they may have It’s a quick win This shows r upfront work r preparedness curiosity keenness in the role get brownie points here This approach of offering upfront value proving r worth to get hired makes st out among. Return to list 20 The Deity Ningishzida >Isn't the word Ningishzida a surian word for the serpent-god??? >Please enlighten Ningishzida was a guardian of the door to the underworld who has a horned snake as his symbol He appears to have been associated with trees fertility snakes Thorkild Jacobsen wrote that the roots of the tree draw nourishnt from deep underground have the appearance of entwining snakes >I do appreciate the information Is Ningishzida a Surian word?? Yes it ans lord of the good tree (or faithful tool) Sotis there is so interplay between the word for tree the word for penis so he could be a god of fertility also Return to list 21 Organization of the Surian Lexicon They have so business problems to solve they have to go from point A to point B Help them get there will be a rock star Speak their language Speak what they want to listen It could be helping them underst where the revenue is leaking or which departnt has most expenses why how are we projected for our sales next season or what can we do to improve our custor experience based on what we learned from data etc get. Tableau includes over 40 optimized data connectors for data sources such as Microsoft Excel SQL Server Google BigQuery Amazon Redsht Oracle SAP HANA Teradata Vertica Cloudera Hadoop There is also a generic ODBC connector for any systems without a native connector Tableau provides two modes for interacting with data: live connection or in-mory Users can switch between a live in-mory connection as they choose. The Ultimate Guide: 200+ Tableau Interview to Secure a Tableau. "i can usually pick up on an underlying problem even it's not too obvious I recall an investnt banker who visited our real-estate-finance class asked us what might cause the Tokyo investnt community a problem in attracting local investnt dollars A number of finance students in the class started trying to think of so complicated set of reasons I decided it have to do with getting out of a bad market quickly that a non-liquid investnt create problems I said investors be unsettled the primary investnt is local real estate inflation has caused the paper value to exaggerate the real street value As it ended up that was the answer he wanted." Filter on Dinsion: This filter provides options – General Wildcard Condition Top/Bottom We can select any option that helps to select the right data or eliminate the unwanted data We can also create own formula then use it in this filter options – Condition Top/Bottom for the data selection needs Condition Top/Bottom provides a channel from dinsion to asure to get the required data Example: Filter on Order then selecting sales through dinsion. An area chart is a chart type based on the line chart: it also shows information as a series of data points connected by straight line segnts but the area between the X-axis the line segnts is filled with color or a pattern The area chart emphasizes the magnitude of change over ti can be used to highlight the total value across a trend For example an area chart displaying profit over ti can emphasize the total profit. Answering this question will be a bit like walking across a loaded minefield so be aware! Keep in mind that the interviewer doesn't want to learn about r forr supervisors; he or she does want to learn about the way speak about them Though the interviewer may bait to make a negative statent about r forr employer doing so can create a host of problems Even r claim is completely true justied the recruiter may conclude either that don't get along with other people or that sht bla to others The best way around this dilemma is to choose example that's not too negative touch upon it briefly then focus the rest of r answer on what learned from the experience. Can optimize r extracts by only including the data need Specically can exclude columns create filters to limit the number of rows aggregate data. "i always stay in touch with my network I see an article that might be of interest to soone I know I clip it send it to that person Then when I need help make a phone call to that person the phone call gets returned promptly." How have r technical skills been an asset? Describe how 've used technical skills to solve a problem Tell a specic story Demonstrate how these sa skills have been useful in other situations or in most of the jobs 've held 're hired what situations will hle particularly well? A visualization commonly reveals things not only about the data itself but also about the way it is collected With an appropriate visualization errors artacts in the data often jump out at For this reason visualizations can be invaluable in quality control too By practicing data visualization it gives an opportunity to make a direct impact on the businesses bottom line. Context filter establishes a filtering hierarchy where all other filters present refer to the context filter for their subsequent operations The other filters now process data that has been passed through the context filter Creating one or more context filters improves performance as users do not have to create extra filters on a large data source reducing the query-execution ti can create by dragging a filed into ‘Filters’ tab then Right-Click that field select ‘’Add to Context” We all intend to deliver our best work to the client once we join them but how can prove r worth even before start working for them? how can dferentiate rself from the rest of the cis? that’s where have an opportunity to shine in the interview have to demonstrate convince the interviewer are worth hiring by providing value upfront during the interview r job at this point is to show r prospect client/employer how hiring will result in them making more money or save money (or whatever the net result of r work is) need to ST OUT in the interview need to blow. The interviewer is interested to see the ci's personality is reflected in both work outside activities r answer to this question will shed light on r personality thus possibly on r compatibility with the job "I've always enjoyed tennis In many ways it's a ga of strategy pacing When sothing isn't working in the first set have to change r strategy for the second set also have to pace r energy in case go to a third set constantly watch read r opponent's reactions I'm a gutsy tennis player-I go for the big points sotis-but I'm careful with timing That's the way I work too." found rself getting burned out what do to revitalize r energy? Return to list 50 Surian Money "i'd get all the pertinent information taking well-docunted notes I'd answer the question based on my knowledge the information provided I'd leave my supervisor a note fill him or her in on the details the next morning I'd be sure to explain my decision as well as the thought process behind it." Give proof of r persuasiveness This is a question about leadership but try not to use an example in which were the designated leader possible describe a ti when didn't really have authority but instead used r powers of persuasion to get people on r side Describe r goal the outco of r efforts Why did people trust or believe ? Return to list 53 Surian Determinatives > Hello Mr Halloran I am in the process of comparing Egyptian >Surian determinatives I found an Internet source for Egyptian >determinatives Could please inform of any Internet (or otherwise) >source for Surian determinatives? There is actually a decent list of determinatives at the Akkadian web site that is at the top of my links list However the most complete list that I know of is on pages 152-153 of an inexpensive paperback book from Eisenbrauns by Douglas B Miller R Mark Shipp An Akkadian Hbook See also 60 Determinative Before Month Nas Return to list 54 Surian Vocabulary from a Woman's Viewpoint Hyper: Hyper is Tableau’s new in-mory data engine technology designed for fast data ingest analytical query processing on large or complex data sets With up to 3X* faster extract creation always have the latest data Up to 5X* increase in query performance keeps in the flow Viz in Tooltip: Engage with r data at a deeper level maximize dashboard real estate with Viz in Tooltip Hover over a mark to display details-on-dem while staying in context of the original view. Return to list 62 Teachings of Suruppak to His Son Ziusudra >Sir according to the book "ATRA-HASIS: The Babylonian >Story of the Flood by lambert & Millard pg 19 >"A literary work of which copies contemporary with >those of the King List are extant professes to be the >teaching of Suruppak to his son Ziusudra It consists >of admonitions of a quite general kind " >I'd like to find this record Do have any idea of >where this ca from I found no references in the >book to locate this The bibliography for the Surian lexicon at my web site includes the following: B Alster The Instructions of Suruppak: A Surian Proverb Collection (sopotamia: Copenhagen Studies in Assyriology Vol 2); Copenhagen 1974 Return to list 63 Surian Freedom Tattoo Give the interviewer a good idea of r general approach to mastering complex tasks may wish to include here how decide ti fras set deadlines determine priorities delegate tasks decide what to do for rself "I love to brainstorm a best worst most likely scenario Then I set out a titable that's realistic What I usually find is that so combination of my best worst cases evolves; I can adjust my schedule easily as these things unfold because I've already visualized what could happen how I'd react." What personal characteristics add to r effectiveness? Talk about what makes r personal style unique effective For example how are able to get cooperation from others? What specic skills traits help get results why? Table of Contents Return to list 42 Origin of Picture of Counting Tokens >I like to use the pictures of the counting tokens that used in r >site ( .org ) in a piece that I'm working on > >Since I need to print what I'm designing I need higher resolution pictures >Could please do the favor of telling where got the originals? >Do own them or high res versions of them? I paid the Louvre museum for black white photographs back in the 1980s I am not sure where the package with that photograph is right now I went through a library departnt at UC Berkeley that obtains things like that - could do the sa Return to list 43 Another Translation into Surian Emphasize r flexibility r ability to work in many dferent types of environnts r answer should not consist of a laundry list of requirents (private office few interruptions so on) or the interviewer may conclude that will be dficult to satisfy "Although I can work effectively in most environnts I prefer environnts where people are their own bosses within reason I like to have a goal but be able to draw my own map to get there To accomplish goals I rely on asking finding people receptive so cooperation access are important to in a work group." How will complent this departnt? "i had to learn to say no I used to be helpful to the point that other staff abused my goodwill Now I offer to help by countering with sothing I'd like help on in return On balance I believe the trade-off is more equitable cooperation in our office has improved over ti." What color is. A data source page is where can set up r data source The Data Source page generally consists of four main areas: left pane join area preview area tadata area 35 What is a format pane in Tableau? A format pane contains formatting settings that control the entire worksheet as well as individual fields in. "in five years I hope to be working with an employer in an increasingly responsible position that enables to utilize my talents work closely with my colleagues in solving important problems I see myself taking on new exciting challenges in an enjoyable environnt hopefully this will be with r company." Do not indicate that hope to start r own business change careers or go back to school Such responses indicate a lack of long-term interest since do not plan to be around for long While so may respond that they honestly haven't really thought that far ahead the interviewer infers that the applicant lacks vision goals Describe a major goal 've set for rself recently. Alternatively can use Action filters which do not create any additional database query Avoid quick filters with Dropdown or Multi-select on high-cardinality columns (columns which has more number of unique values; example: e-mail ids) as it takes too much amount of ti to return the result Alternatively can use wildcard match option. This refers to values that appear on the Pages Filters Level of Detail Shelves they are purely there for the user to see they scroll over a point then they aren’t not only not adding any value but also impacting the performance. Return to list 95 Beer Travel Proverb? > /news/2002/07 > >This article ntions a proverb that roughly translate to "travel is >hard but the beer is worth it." Can show what that look like? That is proverb in the 2-volu collection by Bendt Alster referenced in the bibliography to my on-line Surian lexicon Alster translates The pleasure -- it is the beer! The discomfort -- it is the journey! The key to the proverb is the similarity between kaskal 'road journey' kash 'beer' nam-sa6-ga kash-am3 nam-hul kaskal-am3 Return to list 96 Should I Study Surian? Do prefer continuity in structure or frequent change in r daily work? r answer should be consistent with the job description Describe environnts that have allowed to remain interested learn new things without getting bored "I enjoy challenge change which is why I frequently ask for the tough assignnts The last two projects we discussed were ones that I asked for I don't allow myself to get bored." What environnts allow to be especially effective? I dug the internet to find relevant content gone through word by word to curate the best content (credited links references) to make it more relevant upd useful for The result of 130+ hours of ti effort 28 versions of the docunt is this comprehensive guide covering 200+ Tableau interview consisting of Tableau technical data visualization behavioral thought process Client communication HR culture fit to give a complete 360-degree interview experience. Return to list 12 Surian Word for Venus >What is the surian word for venus? Most often Venus as a planet is called Ninanna the lady of heaven But Inanna Sur's most popular goddess who had many functions was identied with the planet Venus both as the war-like morning star as the love goddess evening star Return to list 13 Surian Alphabet? Jon Taylor's review article THE SURIAN PROVERB COLLECTIONS which does not ntion this particular proverb can be found here: .info ?ID_ARTICLE=ASSY_099_0013 Return. Return to list 30 Is Surian the Earliest Written Language? A Heat map is a visual representation of data that uses color-coding to represent dferent values in a matrix. May even in so first interviews be asked that seem to elicit a trendous commitnt on r behalf such as this one Although such may be unfair during an initial job interview may well conclude that have nothing to gain everything to lose with a negative response 're asked such a question unexpectedly during an initial job interview simply say sothing like "That's certainly a possibility" or I'm willing to consider that." Later receive an offer can find out the specic work conditions then decide wish to accept the position Rember at the job-offer stage have the most negotiating power the employer may be willing to accommo r needs that isn't the case might wish to explain that upon reflection 've decided can't (for instance) relocate but 'd like to be considered for other positions that might open up in the future. Tableau Public: Tableau Public is a free service that lets anyone publish interactive data visualizations to the web Visualizations that have been published to Tableau Public can be embedded into web pages blogs they can be shared via social dia or email they can be made available for download to. "although it's true that I've never worked a job in r industry I've talked to many friends alums at my school who've been successful in r company I always ask them 'What's the most frustrating thing about r job?' 'What's the most rewarding thing about r job?' From the information I've gained I'm confident that I'll be able to adapt quickly to r culture will find the next few years rewarding based on my goals values." What are r aspirations beyond. Find this content useful or helped in r Tableau interview please drop a ssage on Linkedin I will be very happy it motivates to write more useful content for the Tableau community It took 130+ hours of effort to prepare this guide My only intention was to make this the best Tableau interview guide that will be useful for everyone Mind doing a favor to share this article (social buttons below) with r network? When connect to a data source Tableau automatically separates fields into hierarchies so can easily break down the viz can also create r own custom hierarchies For example have a set of fields nad Region State County can create a hierarchy from these fields so that can quickly drill down to levels in. "i admit to being a bit of a perfectionist I take a great deal of pride in my work am committed to producing the highest-quality work I can Sotis I'm not careful thought I can go a bit overboard I've learned that it's not always possible or even practical to try perfect r work-sotis have to decide what's important ignore the rest in order to be productive It's a question of trade-offs I also pay a lot of attention to pacing my work so that I don't get too caught up in perfecting every last detail." Why weren't r grades better? Think of all the popular data visualization works out there—they all tell an interesting story Maybe the story was to convince of sothing Maybe it was to compel to action enlighten with new information or force to question r own preconceived notions of reality Whatever it is the best data visualization big or small helps see what the data has. "i have a real weakness for chocolate that tends to go right to my waist! I'm watching my calories carefully these days!" or "I've never been good with accounting I'm glad this job doesn't involve accounting." Or "I have a tendency to take on too much on my own I am working on this by delegating more." What type of decisions do have dficulty making? Show that are generally decisive but ntion that there are situations that give ti to pause or are learning how to better make decisions For example "I sotis have dficulty choosing between two equally good ideas." or "I used to have dficulty saying 'no' to people until I learned to better set priorities." Return to list 51 The Greatest Surian Ruler? >i am a current student in 9th grade i am doing an in depth research paper > i was wondering u knew who the greatest ruler was of the surians????? That probably be King Shulgi of the Third Dynasty of Ur He reigned for 47 years during a ti of great prosperity from 2094 to 2047 B.C Return to list 52 Vinca Culture Writing - Tartaria Tablets in Romania The interviewer wants to know the impact that the ci's working environnt has on his or her job performance How well fit the position physical lat of the departnt attitudes of the particular work group? Emphasize r ability to work in a variety of settings how 've managed to be productive in less-than-ideal work environnts "I like having at least one hour of uninterrupted ti in the early morning to plan my day I usually start around 7 a.m Otherwise I enjoy an office with open doors constant feedback lots of energy activity It helps work more productively when I sense how busy everyone else is too." 59 'I Love ' in Surian >I am trying to find out how to spell "I Love " as a man say to a >woman in the following languages but I'm having great dficulty with it > >Surian In Surian say za.e ki-ag2-gu10 which translates as " are my beloved" It be pronounced ze ki angu where ang is as in English bong or dong Return to list 60 Determinative Before. Return to list 106 Surian Proverb in Cuneorm? A-Nun-Na(-K): noble stock; fear dread ('offspring' + 'master' + genitive) da-nun-na(-ke4-ne): the gods as a whole; the gods of the netherworld as compared to the dnun-gal-e-ne the great gods of heaven Rember our dashboard or report skills are ans to an end will have to sell them on r ability to solve business problems. Return to list 55 Surian Words in CAPITAL Letters >BTW what's the dference between the word give a definition to the >words that are in brackets with capital letters periods between syllables >after the word? That's a reasonable question The nas in capital letters refer to the particular cuneorm sign without prejudging how the sign is pronounced That is the na that Assyriologists have given to the inscribed sign - usually its most common pronunciation One sign may have several lower-case pronunciations each of which is a separate word in the spoken language lexicon The periods separate dferent signs Sotis one word in the spoken language is represented by multiple written signs Return to list 56 English to Surian Dictionary? "the best professor I ever had always reviewed the most important points from our last class before he moved on to new material He also watched our faces carefully repeated information whenever he saw a blank stare Sotis he just ask for feedback by saying 'What are having dficulty with?'" He never assud too much or made us feel dumb for not grasping a concept quickly." What type of people do work with most effectively? Focus on the positive here What type of boss employee colleague be? Keep in mind that the interviewer wants to find out how well fit in with the other personalities in the company-not how well the other personalities in the company suit Tell a story about how first beca interested in this type of work Point out any similarities between the job 're interviewing for r current or most recent job Provide proof that aren't simply shopping in this interview Make r passions for work a the that allude to continually throughout the interview "I've always wanted to work in an industry that makes tools One of my hobbies is ho-improvent projects so I've collected a number of saws manufactured by r company I could be an accountant anywhere but I'd rather work for a company whose products I trust." How do stay current? Demonstrate natural interest in the industry or career field by describing publications or trade associations that are compatible with. Return to list 88 Swastika in Surian? >I can't rember I was told or I read it sowhere but I think >I heard it That the surian symbol for Fall/or "The Harvest" >was the sa as the sanskrit symbol svastika Is this true? > so do know where any docuntation on this might be found One finds the swastika as a symbol on pre-Surian pottery in northern sopotamia The swastika is not part of Surian pictographic written language Marija Gimbutas in The Language of the Goddess which collects the signs of Old Europe says that swastikas whirls spirals represent the le-force Return to list 89 Surian. Groups simply large numbers of dinsion mbers by combining them into higher-level categories Sets create a custom field based on existing dinsions that can be used to encode the view with multiple dinsion mbers across varying dinsion levels 45 What is a bin? Sotis it’s useful to convert a continuous asure (or a nuric dinsion). Not in my wildest dreams did I expect such a terric response to my Linkedin post (530k+ reach 4000+ likes comnts). Improved workbook version compatibility: Now can revert r workbooks to an older version with improved workbook version compatibility Other users in r organization can open edit a workbook even when they aren’t using the latest version of Tableau Desktop (down to Tableau 10.2) can know. Be careful here Most companies don't want to co in shake up the place At the sa ti they don't want soone who says "Nothing everything looks great here." Seek a middle ground by focusing on one or two non-threatening issues that may have co up in r discussions For example "From our discussion of the problem with the southwest accounts I think we should look into the possibility of consolidating them the LA office However I think we need to do a thorough cost-benefit analysis of this region before making such a move We may find the Phoenix office to be more beneficial."

A distribution tries to lay out a collection of related or unrelated information simply to see how it correlates at all to underst there’s any interaction between the variables like the number of bugs reported during each month of a beta A relationship tries to show a connection or correlation between two or more variables through the data presented like the market cap of a given stock over ti versus overall market trend. The interviewer may be worried that don't have many outside interests may eventually suffer from burnout Employers like cis who are well rounded have interests outside of work didn't participate in formal extracurricular activities in college still may want to talk about so of r interests such as reading or exercising that may have a passion for running even weren't on the college track team "I wanted to give as much effort as possible to my studies I ca from a high school in a very small town where I received a lot of A's but this didn't prepare well for college So I studied hard I have however found ti to explore the city make new friends I do socialize formally on the weekends."       Be aware that 'll probably be asked zany The point is not to stump but to find out what makes tick When the stard interview are asked people are prepared it's harder for the recruiter to get to know the real person An advertising recruiter for example tries to avoid this There is no right or wrong answer to this type of question In fact the recruiter won't even really care what r answer is He or she just doesn't want to hear sothing like "I don't know I guess it's blue because that's the way I imagine it." The point is to see how creative are how think Be sure to explain why answered the way did "My brain is red because I'm always hot I'm always on fire with new plans ideas." Describe how r interest has grown from personal dealings with the company representatives Think creatively in preparing for job interviews For example prior to r job interview speak with retailers or workers at other distribution points about the company's product line What can they tell ? Give one or two examples of what 've learned to explain why 're interested in this company What's the most compelling example can describe to prove r interest? "I actually called several of the key accountants ntioned in r brochure Two of the custors I spoke with explained why they continued to buy from year after year r distribution operation is phenonal Are there any service improvents think could still be made?" Tell what think our distinctive advantage is within the industry. Seek help when needed don’t forget to help others along the way Conclusion Regardless of our trendous preparation hard work we put in for Tableau interview we could still fail It’s just the fact Sotis it may not be anything to do with our skills or how we did in the interview but so other external factors which we can’t control might influence the decision Don’t worry too much about the outco put r best efforts. Project: Projects exist within Sites are also used to separate content in the server typically used to split content into logical groupings for example around departnt or function etc Group: Groups are collections of Users within a site They help to organize manage sets of users for administration purposes User: Users are the individual nad users accessing a Site Every user added to Tableau Server must have an associated site role The site role determines the levels of permissions allowed for a user including whether a user can publish interact with or only view content published to the server. >secondly I was wondering what the Surians called themselves > Sur in their own language I see in r lexicon that there is kalam > ki-en-gir/gi (r) or ki-en-gi(r) for Sur; dum-gir/gi - for a Surian; >e-gir/gi for the Surian language Do I interpret this correctly? The late S.N Krar was very proud of his idea that the Surians ca from sowhere else enjoyed a Heroic Age in Sur which he believed had parallels among other migratory peoples The idea that the Surians were late invaders is however probably wrong There are actually good Surian or Akkadian etymologies for most of those city nas look in my lexicon can see the Surian etymologies for the Tigris the Euphrates river nas Nippur cos from an Akkadian word that ans "ferry-boat" so it was the site of a river crossing Thorkild Jacobsen wrote an article about the Surian etymologies of Eridu Ur so other cities. Don't repeat r resu or employnt history Offer one or two examples to explain why 're talking to this particular company What's the most compelling example can give to prove r interest? This question often remains unasked but it's always in the back of the recruiter's mind Even this question isn't asked should find an opportunity to use r prepared response soti during the interview perhaps in r closing remarks "My uncle had a company that was a small-scale manufacturer in the industry although he later sold the business I worked there for five sumrs doing all sorts of odd jobs For that reason I believe I know this business from the ground up can be assured that I know what I'd be getting into as a plant manager here." What are r strengths? Return to list 5 Surian True Type Font >I love r Surian page By chance do have a Surian True Type Font? > so where did acquire it? I don't think that got to the bottom of the overview page where it says that the downloadable Winword file archive includes a Surian TrueType Font which I created deliberately with no copyright notice The most recent version of the font file is d Ap has a size of 55 KB Return to list 6 "pukku" "kku" in Gilgash Return to list 105 Completeness of Surian Lexicon? Example: Top 10 Custors in the country by their purchases; here the context is ‘Top 10’ We can pass this context to know ‘Top 10’ Custors by Purchases in a State within the sa country Filter at Source: After connecting with the data source filtering the data before getting into the worksheet is called filtering at the source This helps in improved performance because the unwanted data eliminated Example: Selecting only one year worth of data from few years of historical data after connecting with the source "i'd prefer to be based here but it's certainly a possibility I'd be willing to consider." be able to work extended hours as necessary to perform the job? r response should match closely the position 're applying for should reflect a realistic understing of work ti required Ask about seasonality of work 're unsure show a willingness to work occasional extended hours "I'm accustod to working long hours during the week I usually work until at least six-thirty because I get a lot done after the business office closes at five I can make arrangents to be available on weekends necessary though I do prefer to have at least twenty-four hours' notice." Was there a course that found particularly challenging? The interviewer will want to see how well respond to dficult situations Demonstrate that won't fold in the face of dficulty that 're willing to put in the extra effort to et a challenge. Be at least 20 to 30 minutes early to the Tableau interview place so are comfortable calm relaxed While waiting in the lobby take this opportunity to find so interesting stuff around It could be a company magazine on the coffee table a beautul wall art great decor a bookshelf or sothing else which is worth talking about The point is use that observation to spark a conversation when et greet the interviewer This trick not only helped to start the pep talk but also made both of us comfortable to begin the interview on a positive note keep the conversation going Before every interview be prepared with the scenarios below. "i wasn't able to keep a good employee once who'd been in our manufacturing facility for ten years His job description was rewritten to require computer skills I offered to send him to night classes but he refused the help I had no option but to replace him In retrospect I'd encouraged him other employees to acquire new training periodically he might not have been overwheld by the ti his position was reworked Now I'm vigilant about encouraging my group to attend seminars courses to enhance their job skills to avoid becoming outd." Tell about a situation that frustrated. To answer this question effectively describe in detail how establish priorities set deadlines determine schedules "I always reserve two hours of dead ti every day to hle any unanticipated problems that may occur I used to plan for eight or nine hours of project ti but now I find that I'm able to manage my own projects as well as whatever my boss staff need from " What personal skill or work habit have struggled to improve? This question is similar to "Describe a professional skill 've developed in r most recent job." However here probably want to discuss an improvent from the earliest days of r career or from r relatively distant past Make sure convince the interviewer that this particular work habit is no longer an obstacle. Tableau provides several ways for to control which users can see which data For data sources that connect to live databases can also control whether users are prompted to provide database credentials when they click a published view The following three options works together to achieve dferent results: Database login account: When create a data source that connects to a live database choose between authenticating to the database through Windows NT or through the database’s built-in security chanism. Most people don't expect to be asked they have a great deal of experience This question could quite easily catch a ci off guard which is exactly the interviewer's intention The ci doesn't hesitate in answering this question shows complete confidence in his or her ability. Are disciplined enough to avoid burnout? When 're not being productive do recognize it? What do do to cope with stress? "I don't allow myself to get involved in a routine to the point that I get burned out I've always been the type of person who asks for new assignnts so that I stay motivated interested." Our company believes that employees should give back ti to the community How do feel about it? Describe a ti gave sothing to a community or organization as a volunteer Do go above beyond what's expected of ? Do use r skills productively? Are unselfish-a team player? Demonstrate how r personal interests make productive even when aren't being paid What incentives other than a paycheck inspire ? 11 Developnt of Cuneorm From Pictographs The interviewer will want to know how hold up under pressure Describe a situation either personal or professional that involved a great deal of conflict challenge placed under an unusual amount of stress What specically were the problems what did do to resolve them? "One ti my coworker went through rehab for six months after a wreck I picked up a lot of additional work to help him out I know he 've done the sa for it's important for to have that kind of trust along the mbers of my work group." this were r first annual review with our company what I be telling. Forecasting: It is about predicting future trends based on the historic trend Indirectly Forecast uses Trend Analysis The more detailed accurate historical information we provide in Forecast models the results will be that much accurate The following are available models in Tableau for Forecast. I’Ve been on both sides of the table as an interviewee also as an interviewer I have put together this comprehensive Tableau Interview Question guide to help anyone attending Tableau interviews to succeed How it all Started: Few people in my Linkedin network started asking how to answer so Tableau interview I patiently explained everyone But when I noticed an increase in requests I thought to myself this is not going to scale then I put up a post asking anyone was interested in the Tableau Interview guide I was putting together. How have hled criticism of r work? The interviewer is looking for an indication of the ci's accountability professional character Describe a specic project or work habit that caused a problem until faced up to it overca it Alternatively might describe a ti responded objectively professionally to particularly harsh or unreasonable criticism of. Sell this stapler With this kind of question the interviewer will want to determine how quickly can think on r feet as well as r ability to communicate effectively succinctly Be prepared to give a thirty-second speech on the benefits advantages of virtually any common office object from a paper clip to a telephone particularly 're interviewing for a sales position "This is a professional-quality stapler designed to be functional as well as attractive It will help reduce clutter by enabling to fasten pages together since papers relating to the sa subject will now be attached 'll be more efficient will save ti searching for papers Finally its sleek shape back color are coordinated to match the rest of r office furniture." "that be Ms Henson at Franklin Associates She'd push people to their limits when things got busy she was a stickler for detail But she was always fair she rewarded good hard work I'd call her a tough boss but a good boss." Ti managent has beco a necessary factor in productivity Give an example of a ti-managent skill 've learned applied. At the heart of Tableau is a proprietary technology that makes interactive data visualization an integral part of understing data A traditional analysis tool forces to analyze data in rows columns choose a subset of r data to present organize that data into a table then create a chart from that table VizQL skips those steps creates a visual representation of r data right away giving visual feedback as analyze As a result get a much deeper understing of r data can work much faster than conventional thods–up to 100 tis faster. 84 Definite Article in Surian? Quick Filter: Quick Filter Creates an interactive selection panel on the right top corner of the data view We can implent Quick Filter on Dinsions or asures The interactive selection panel provides the options based on the source data Example: Quick Filer on Order with Yearly Consolidation provides the list of YEARS available from SOURCE DATA for user selection.